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Fitness and diet update -

Fitness and diet update -

Fitness and diet update

Make it cute for the article you know but it's the joy of working out good morning guys I'm just getting ready to start my day and I thought I would vlog a little bit I actually been getting a lot of questions from you guys asking like what's your current fitness routine you know update us on your

diet and all of that so I thought I would just combine all that in this vlog today and share what my current fitness and health journey has been like this summer to be honest with you guys I'm not super strict with my diet but I know I keep getting asked a lot of questions about what I eat so I'm going to breakfast right now and I'm gonna vlog it Stevi you ready baby I did not miss the LA traffic I'll tell you that I got to post eggs and falafel I like my poached eggs and you just got to live sometimes some almond butter when Fred studies have actually shown that anything that you want to do for yourself

you should do it before 11 a.m. because as the day picks up you feel less motivated and less inspired when things are written down for me that's when I get things done I printed this out so that I can show you you guys know I'm working with Reebok and Les Mills to basically encourage and empower anyone out there to understand that there's so much joy that can come from working out really all about finding a routine that you like what I love about the Les Mills on men app is that they have so many different options and so as a result I decided that I was going to take on the challenge myself I

was going to dive into the app try some of their classes and I even created this 30-day challenge calendar and basically this calendar schedule is going to keep me accountable to switch it up try new things into my workout and it's 30 days so what do I got to lose right look at my photo right here we're going to the gym right now I'm gonna get in a stellar workout I don't really know what stats is gonna be doing I'm going to be crushing it the entire time very nicely Les Mills Reebok apparel they decided to gift him clothes because they gifted me so I have my 30 day challenge I'll go on to my Les

Mills app and this is the same app that I share with you guys that you guys have a 21 day free trial and they have short workouts so this is really good on those days when I am lollygagging so I'll just go on here really quick and attack a workout and if I have time I can uh try to record but for the most part it's like I really want to crush my workout so I'll just probably show you guys just a little bit of stuff and then we'll go from this bra is the best workout sports bra I have ever worn ever I'm not being paid to say that and basically it has this patented technology that like Marines would use so that when

they move depending on different activities it adjusts to their body temperature and their body kind of like is it because you plan on being in some combat what the red part is the technology I don't know how they did it but anyways highly suggest that you guys get this bra it ain't cheap but it's so worth it I don't actually go to the gym every single day it just depends on my schedule if there's somebody there at home to help watch teenie so after I got pregnant you guys know that I mentioned that I had a lot of like stomach bloating and so what I noticed was after I saw this internal specialist out in Austin

come to find out he mentioned to me that after you have a baby everything else is just off balance as a result of you know a child living in there for nine months and taking over so he suggested was that I take a probiotic and this specific probiotic I'm taking from djaro I'll be sure to mention it below but this supplement I started taking it a little over a month and a half ago and I take one a day and you don't have to refrigerate it but holy moly the bloating and all that stuff has gone away so the reason I was bloating was because he said that you know after having a baby all of the bad bugs that are in

your tummy is kind of this is kind of a vivid picture but even when you cut out grains let's say these bugs are eating like the greens that you put in your stomach they're leaving behind gas bubbles and so the best way to help with the bloating and regulate that is by giving your gut a good probiotic so that it can actually keep the bad bugs out and the good bugs where they need to be and so that has really been a game changer for me in my diet and I wanted to mention that in this article since taking that probiotic I've been a lot more relaxed with my so if I am out and about and let's say I want the bread I

can eat the bread now and I'm not bloating nearly as much as I was so I feel like a lot of the times we take those allergy tests to figure out what we're allergic to and I don't necessarily think those tests are bad but I also think that we shouldn't just rely on those tests alone because if you're somebody where you could have eaten grains before and they didn't bother you it might not be the grains you might just need a good probiotic to help regulate your your stomach and get the bad bugs out I have minimized dairy I noticed with dairy I knows a little bit more inflammation just in my skin and

overall health and don't drink regular milk I drink prefer almond milk and then obviously I'll I'll have eggs and things like that just to help with my protein intake okay so that was just a little bit about my diet I'll be sure to mention more as this article goes on lots of time to just rock to eat crackers no you don't you don't you actually never junk food it up a little peanut butter or jelly on them look we're here at the gym how'd you work out how to work out with me I wear Les Mills gear as well and I feel fantastic so today was cardio day but I wanted to add a little crusher at the end of my cardio so I did

that quick short workout high-intensity it really taught me how to ride my sports bra is dredged however everything stayed intact I'm not gonna lie I did my cardio today and then I finished it with a quick high-intensity workout in my legs Mills on demand app green juice is used to actually freak me out and now I really cannot live without them I don't drink coffee so a green juice really helps me stay on my grind I got lemon ginger celery cucumber and spinach and Apple Cheers I always love to have either a protein or a green juice right after I work out somebody once told me aka my husband

in the front seat that you're supposed to actually have your protein after your workout within the two-hour window so that you can actually feed your muscles is that right babe you're absolutely wrong this is relative you know what Oh dirty she dirty it's not to our window apparently it's about a 30-minute window oh my gosh even I ate at my girl Lexi sound I see broccoli over there we need a fine man we translate to you meat and potatoes like pewter pot roast and you have no you're right right I know I miss you too and make it everyone here to celebrate well that wraps up I guess a day in my

life all things help fitness just check out my description box below join me in the Joe whoa challenge which is the joy of working out working out does not have to be a chore take it from me the girl who never used to work out used to eat fast food three times a day who didn't understand the importance of setting aside a specific amount of time every day to be able to fuel and feed my body and just give it what it needs nowadays there are so many cool programs and apps that are making it easy for you to be able to workout at home making it accessible for moms who are stay at home where you don't

have to spend a fortune on a gym membership and instead you can have literally your gym come to you in the comfort of your own home on your phone time to put my PJs on and get a good night's rest because sleep is just as important to be able to replenish your muscles your body love you guys so much if you want to see more articles like this just comment below let us system know don't forget to Like and subscribe especially if you made it this far in the article come on now alright guys thanks so much until next time.



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