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Fitness Mistakes I've Made - Don't Make The Same! -

Fitness Mistakes I've Made - Don't Make The Same! -

Fitness Mistakes I've Made - Don't Make The Same! -

Hey everybody and welcome to today's article my name is Rebecca Louise and I'm gonna be giving you 10 yes 10 things of all the mistakes that I made when I first started my fitness journey that I wish that I knew at the beginning that are gonna change the way that you get results so it's 10 things and

even if you just changed like 1 2 3 or 4 you're gonna see such a difference and I'm excited to share these 10 things with you today the first of all make sure you subscribe to the website that you're following on Facebook and Instagram so you get all the updates as what we got going on it's the back of the week's fitness and I have a very special surprise for you guys I don't know if you noticed what it's that next to me right here this ladies and gentlemen girls and boys is an award for you yes we have won an award huh I have been in Columbus Ohio for the last couple of days so I was there last week

once this vertigo article comes out and I was there for the Lewis House summit of greatness event Lewis house has one of the top podcasts in the world he's had people like LeAnn Rimes Tony Robbins Grant Cardone like I mean you name it like the most incredible people on his podcast and I'm actually part of a is mastermind which is a group of people that get together and help each other have impact and make changes around the world now in front of 2,000 people oh my goodness getting nervous just thinking about it in front of 2,000 people in this amazing theater he awarded

three of his mastermind members with an award one was for legacy one was for heart and gulfs and boys guess what we got we got the award for the biggest impact yes check out your new award yes this is you this is part of the team you are part of our community and you helped us and this is reward so first of all I want to say congratulations for getting the impact award from the summit and school the school of greatness impact award I am so proud of you I'm so grateful for you and let's keep on inspiring people throughout this year and into 2020 because I know that 2020 is gonna be our best

year yet of making a difference in everybody's lives and impacting so first of all congratulations this is so awesome we're going to put this up in the office um and I'm just really great for you guys and huge recognition for getting this award this is yours okay own it ha okay well that excitement is gonna lead us right into the next ten steps that really change my fitness my results and how I felt about exercise so if you're ready drumroll let's get going okay number one I used to think that lifting heavy weights was going to get me bulky oh my goodness I wish that I didn't think this I wish so hard

that I did not think this years and years ago because I thought that if you lifted like 20 25 pounds like you would get big ha I have hip thrusted 355 pounds and I don't know about you but I don't feel bulky and just to know that you would have to live like lift hundreds of pounds of weights all day and eat so much food you're not gonna get bulky so don't be afraid to pick up something super heavy after you put the progress of upping your weights that's the first big tip is you are not gonna get bulky and plus it's not like you're just gonna wake up the next day like looking like The Incredible Hulk I mean

it takes time to build okay number two running on treadmills for two hours does not get you results oh I used to go to the gym all the time and I just used to run and run and run and I thought that cardio would be the way to get results when actually it is strength training and yes a bit of cardio too but if you want to build lean muscle mass and if you want to get toned it is about strength training so weight bodyweight exercises and not just cardio so if you're running on the treadmill for two hours at a time even an hour at a time but in not seeing results that is why right so I that's what I used to do is

run like crazy the treadmill notes your results okay and the three crunches oh I love this one how many times have you like oh my goodness I'm just gonna do 100 crunches and then I'm gonna get abs I mean it's gonna keep doing crunches lettuce crunches they do help your abs because you're working them and if you only just do crunches you're not gonna get you're not going to get results you need to do other things you do other things that lift weights that build your core not just by doing crunches so don't think at the end of the day you've got to do a million crunches and then you're gonna get abs

huh I wish I once ate so much time doing so many crunches in my room as I was a kid but anyway that's okay that's why I get to help you guys number four doing the same exercise routine I used to have my favorite ab routine on AnaDucha it was eight-minute abs I was by this guy it was like in the 80s I love the outfits they were wearing and it was hilarious but I used to do the same article over and over and over again and I'd wonder why I didn't get results and that's why you know especially with the burn app or the different articles that we have here on AnaDucha we're switching it up we're

doing some Pilates and kickboxing some heavy weights some ab workouts we're doing a little bit of everything so number four make sure that you change up your exercise routine okay number five I also didn't have a structure to follow so I would just basically run on a treadmill and then I would do some crunches run on the treadmill do some crunches have a set routine of when you're going to be working each muscle group so that you're giving your body enough reps right so that's why you don't just work legs three days in a row as well you don't have that on the burn by Rebecca weed app we

actually structure it out so that one day is ads one day is blue one day is different things all over the place right so do not just do anything actually have a structure and then you're gonna follow it because you can feel like oh let's completed this fat okay number six watching the scale oh my goodness I used to be absolutely obsessed obsess obsess obsess with watching the scale and what the thing that really matters is how you feel how do you look in your clothes how do you feel in your clothes like how do you feel when you wake up and I used to be so obsessed with watching the scale

then actually deter me from my fitness results get off that scale and just go with how your clothes feel on you because that's gonna give you the real actual look and the real thing about how you feel about yourself number seven I never asked for help I would go to the gym I would stare at a machine for about you know 10 15 seconds until it's so awkward that you're like oh that wasn't even in my plan anyway so I'm just not gonna do it and the same thing like online if you have questions like ask the questions we are here to help and there's so much research out there that's where it can get a little bit

confusing to find one person that you want you like their routine you like their exercises you like their meal plan and stick with that because if you're consistent with anything it's going to work okay number eight I always wanted results too soon I wasn't patient I was like why do I not have AB so why don't I have a 6-pack like why isn't this here and you've got to realize that it's a journey so don't expect to get results until like 90 days I was expecting things so soon I would get frustrated when I didn't get results so I don't want you even looking at a scale I don't even want you thinking about

even getting a result until 90 days and even after 90 days like I said in number six don't just look at the scale so number eight don't expect things too soon it's a progress it's a process do not quit the FDA of their expectations but things are gonna take time it's gonna take a little bit consistency boom you're gonna get amazing results because you're not so frustrated or pressured on having it happen after a week after two weeks even after a month okay okay number nine but now it how many fingers have I got number nine not eating enough food oh I would work out like crazy I would wonder why I

wasn't getting a results where I wasn't getting it wasn't getting toned because I was like burning off way more calories than I was even consuming therefore my muscles had no ingredients to build they had no source to build they didn't have any protein and so if you are not having breakfast lunch and dinner and a couple of snacks throughout the day all the healthy things you can also get that on a nutrition plan huh and you're not gonna get those results sometimes you feel like oh if I just exercise that crazy and don't eat you will not see muscles game you will not see your six-pack you will not see

a perky booty because your body needs food to create the muscle to get you to tone and number ten the final thing the thing that I changed which oh my goodness this is this light gets me because I would have been like if I was using this when I was playing like Phil talked to you when I was dancing I would have got so many different results and my recovery would have been much quicker I have a post recovery shape within 30 minutes after working out you don't have a closed recovery shake no problem eat protein okay I use the post recovery shape because it's got my l-glutamine Xin

it's got my BCA's it's also got a whey protein that's gonna deliver quicker to the muscles so as soon as I started using that I started to get results I started to see a change in my body I started to get toned I started to feel like more powerful my insurance was better through it and so this was a massive game-changer for me and it also gave me the body in my body the right nutrition after exercise which is so important because you've been taxing and tearing and breaking down your muscles for like 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes you've got to repair it afterwards so there you have it my 10 mistakes

that I made that I wish I knew when I first got started I hope these help you in fact I know they're gonna help you as soon as you implement them so maybe this month start with one or two and then each month add another one in oh okay well thank you for this award everybody I'm excited to be going on tour next year I'm going for all the details of our tour right below here we're gonna be doing a fit capsule along with the book so there is the web page right there you just have to add your email address and we're gonna send you all the details of how you can be part of the tour and come and see

us around the USA and we got some more food articles and workouts for you right here okay gals stay strong stay fit stay healthy stay confident go and give someone a big hug today and we'll see you on our next article bye guys.



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