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(For Strict Schools) Back to School No Makeup Makeup - Anaducha.com

(For Strict Schools) Back to School No Makeup Makeup - Anaducha.com

(For Strict Schools) Back to School No Makeup Makeup - Anaducha.com

When filming for a minute of useless footage if that ain't me I don't know why hey guys welcome back to my website so today I thought I would do a little no makeup makeup look for you guys going back to school I'm 18 so I finished my school this isn't for like college or whatever sick for them

whatever because I feel like you can kind of get away with whatever makeup you want to wear this is for like school when like teachers are kind of strict about makeup my school was so strict on makeup I still wore it anyway because it's me yeah this was the makeup that I figured out didn't really get me in a lot of trouble some teachers they didn't like me would complain about it but other than that it was all good so I thought I would show you guys what I did today I don't know how good it will look

because Baron my dad did this when I was like 15 hi subscribe but yeah no makeup makeup straw for you guys going back to school who don't want to get caught wearing makeup also by the way I wear a lot of mascara because my school didn't care about mascara and everyone wore it so if you are not allowed to even wear mascara then just get clear mascara or from scar or something thank you airplane for ruining my article you would like comment subscribe everyone you here let me know if

you want like a back-to-school makeup tutorial for like college sick form whatever when I actually was at sick form I quit after 3 months but when I was the sick form I did like quite heavy makeup everyday I can't lie so I woke up at 6 in the morning to do my makeup not because of any reason just because I like I like doing it like it put me in a good mood for the rest of the day so yeah I want to get into the article now so leave a like comment subscribe everyone you hear kinda my personification

but as well that we don't want any my uploads and all my other social medias in the description box let's go also I'm not wearing makeup at moment if you couldn't tell this isn't the final look don't worry Baby Cakes I'm gonna moisturize first because I didn't actually do this when I went to school but me to moisturize your face guys I did not take care of my skin at all I'm gonna take out something really disgusting but you can't unsubscribe ok and when I was like 13 I did not own any makeup remover so I never actually took off my makeup I just would really in the morning I mean I never wore like

foundation or anything so it wasn't that bad but I guess I could have got an eye infection I was really hygena yeah if you guys want a wife foundation go for it I never wore foundation at school what couldn't see in a lobe as you guys can see my hands are way more time than my face and my neck because handle that much tan on it last night I faked hard last night if you guys couldn't tell also did on my nails I need to get them redone or my acrylics fell off the other day and I got faked hand underneath them so they look a bit funky but we're just gonna go with it so now we're gonna move on

to concealer and when I grab my Tarte shape tape I always use a full coverage concealer when I was at school I used the was it called the I think the collection no I used the Mac Pro Longwear that was my favorite freakin concealer oh I need to find that I was such a good concealer but now it might be you to blend that wait I'm gonna sneak oh I think I'm getting like a chest cold or something I hate the look of just concealer I just hate it also my school was pretty strict on makeup i pre-war like probably like the most makeup in my yeah I would say I walk quite a bit of it I never really got in trouble I did

a couple of time when I started doing the whole cream contour I don't know why I just hate not wearing foundation so much so partners not tinted moisturizer because all I should have shaken now I'm gonna put some tinted moisturizer just around like the perimeters of my face to warm up a bit well that was too much they're gonna take it over like my Chi my chin I think I started doing it for a bit when I was at school wearing today moisturizer and then I think people clocked close to really dark shade I did cream contour at one point now so should we do that which I just use normal bronze

I think I was gonna use normal bronzer I did this sometimes this is gonna be one of the quickest makeup tools I think ever my school did not let me wear makeup like I'm just doing that out there oh by the way I'm hanging my Marc Jacobs bronzer light through the crease just because I have like hooded eyes and my eyes are really puffy today and they would always be puffy at school obviously I was waking up like 6:30 and I was really tired and not a vibe I freaking love I still do but when I was like 15 16 I hated having to wear this makeup because I just loved where I'm like full full glam like

lashes everything I don't really wear lashes anymore any day that was a Mufti day trust me to come in with like low full glam I freaking loved it I'm taking the Marc Jacobs run so I'm just dabbing it around my forehead obviously we have some moisturizer there and I haven't set it so I'm not too keen to move that all around I don't want too much bronzer because you don't really want it to be too noticeable you just want it to be a little bit of color so hopefully no one can clock you you're like bitch I just got back from holiday what you somewhere I'm just naturally hard you know what I mean

I never really did that much to my eyebrows I think I did put brow gel in them so I'm gonna do that this is a different one I used to use the Maybelline like for our drama or ever it's called this is the benefit like 3d broad terms or ever I don't think I've ever done just I brought Joe in the past two years I'm so about that point where I'll either do everything or nothing I don't want you do makeup like this anymore the only reason I did it is because I literally wasn't allowed to do makeup I burnt my thumb curling my hair earlier guys it's not a Bible I don't want any comments in my hair looks messy that's

the style I'm going for guys okay I let you just spend half an hour on so I bought a lot of highlights at school this was the one thing no one could tell me off for like I don't freaking care I was wearing my highlighter and the one I always used was the sleek Solstice one I freaking loved it and I took it in my inner corner and I would take a rake turn of this like a lot I'm also just gonna take the tiniest bit of ring light from the James Charles morphe palette and then I blended it in so it was uncloak herbal but really clock herbal and then I could not go without a nose highlight and it's covered nose highlight

when I was like 14 and I think it's like my favorite thing I can't go without where I don't want my nose too much but I do highlight shout I think this is looking quite a no makeup II I'm gonna highlight my cheeks now because I did that laughter that as well like you look like I've always just loved highlight like if you'll don't want to do that much highlight you don't have to if you think you'll get clocked for it then you know don't do it I'm now gonna do my mascara I don't really call my lashes I started cutting them again recently and now I've just all gone out fix my lashes look quite

curly as it is so I'm just gonna do that this is gonna be so tedious watching me deal with this it takes me ages to do mascara like I do so many layers of X I think it looks cute when I was at school I'd do three layers so I would let it dry do add another layer let it dry add another layer oh I it I it and this would always happen as well so I'd have to go back in and clean up one eye let's do the other eye guys nothing to do with the article but I'm gonna go get a tattoo and I've decided what I'm getting I'm not gonna tell you guys but I actually let one of you guys choose it I put on my story and I told you

guys to send in tattoos that you think I should get thank you to everyone that sent me in tattoos because they were actually loading them was so cute there was just one I saw as I'm getting that if you want to see what I get I'm gonna actually block the whole thing today yeah that article will either be out I think will be out after this because obviously back to schools just happened so I need to get on this article I do not miss putting on three layers of mascara on my lashes I can tell you that is anyone else as long as part of their makeup routine the mascara it takes me so long to do it literally so

beyond wrong it's a joke when I was at school my favorite favorite part of my makeup was lipstick I used to collect lipstick I freaking love it like I have so many MAC lipsticks they were all Mac as well like I freaking love MAC lipsticks and I would always wear angel cream cup or pure Zen to school and I would get clocked for it and I would just say it was lip balm because I also did wear a lot of lip balm and it was always a OS of course I was very basic I still AM it's gonna take a little bit of this lip gloss because that lip balm I just put almost like exfoliating it wasn't really a proper lip balm so I'm

just gonna hurt a little bit there it's the tiny so this is the soap & Glory like lip plumping thing I had very big I used to hate my lips so much I still don't really like them that much while I was little I hated my lips because I've quite like a trout pout like my resting bitchface like you can't tell my lips are really like the light compares my fake trout but this is the final makeup look I would also have my hair tied up my 13 year old Kirstie how are you I feel like this is quite no makeup ewwww it's like bordering makeup P if you wore less mascara would be really no makeup here but like I can't do that

because I don't really know limit and also if you wore less highlighter um 100% you'd get away with it if you think you might not get away with this try it and then you'll see also I would normally set my under eyes not going to do that today I might just leave it maybe I'll sell it in a bit I don't know that's it for today's article if you guys did enjoy your moment you will like comment subscribe if you are new here can I post an application but as well that we don't miss any of my uploads I told you me do so in the description box let me know if you tried this look out and if it works for you and if you want

my kid back to school makeup that isn't like really minimal then also let me know I'll see you guys at my next article I love you guys so so much I love you I can't reach it I can't reach the camera.



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