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High-Volume Back Building Workout | "30-Day Back" - Anaducha.com

High-Volume Back Building Workout | "30-Day Back" - Anaducha.com high volume back and bicep workout back workout back workout bodybuilding advanced back workout routine full back workout bodybuilding extreme back workout for mass hiit back workout

High-Volume Back Building Workout | "30-Day Back" - Anaducha.com

Welcome guys to my 30 day back program I'm a blob and Eddy and if you have a lacking back or if you just want to build up your back this program is for you just because back is one of those muscles you don't always see that does not mean you should neglect it you need to work your back just like any other muscle group during this program we're gonna have three workouts the first workout is

gonna be more focused on rowing the second workout it's gonna be more for cooldowns and the third one's gonna be a good mix of both you can work these three workouts into your normal split or you can do what I recommend and work back on Monday Tuesday will be chest and triceps Wednesday would be legs Thursday would be back again but with biceps and then Friday would be shoulders and the Saturday would be back and then Sunday would be an off day to fully recover so we're gonna go ahead and jump straight into it we're gonna start off with wide grip pull down we have five sets and

the reps are twelve ten ten ten eight on the last set we're gonna do a double drop set for this exercise you really want to warm up because I want the five sets to be actual working sets I want you to hit failure on every single one of those sets with the wide grip pull downs I like to go just at shoulder-width I don't like to go really wide but just right at shoulder width and then I like to get a weight that I can control for every single rep now on that last set we have a double drop set so drop the weight by around 20% and try to squeeze out another six to eight reps and then drop it once more so the reason

why I like to start off with a pull down I feel it engages my last just a little bit more before we move on to the road movements and talking about rows that very next exercise we're going into a bent over barbell Road we have four sets of twelve reps and on the last set we have a double drop set Barbara Rose is probably one of my favorite back builders I just absolutely love this I feel it works your whole entire back now during the bent over rows I like to use a weight belt because that's going to help protect your lower back during this exercise doing a double drop set is extremely hard because

you're gonna be a dove breath but you got to push through it so now we're gonna move on to more rows but we're gonna work each side by itself we're going to do single arm dumbbell rows we have four sets of twelve reps when you're doing the dumbbell rows make sure you pick a weight that you can control through the whole range of motion don't go too heavy and let your ego get involved where you compromise form but be sure you use a heavy enough weight that you're getting a benefit from this exercise and make sure when you're pulling that dumbbell back you're pulling back with

your elbows and try to get your elbows back as far as possible now we're moving on to another compound movement for back we have t-bar rows four sets of ten reps during this t-bar row I use an extender on the bar so I can get a full range of motion if I did not have this extender on here the range of motion would be very limited and I'd be hitting my chest with a 45-pound plate this is the very compound movements I want you to go heavy and hit failure at those 10 reps moving on to the next exercise we have closed crip seated cable rows this is going to be with a V bar we have five sets of

eight to ten reps focus on the squeeze here so you're gonna go up stretch your back and then pull back just pause for a split second squeeze as hard as you can and then return to the start position onto the last movement we have hyperextensions this is going to be your lower back we have four sets of 12 reps now if you need to use weights you can so all I want you to focus on is hitting failure at those 12 reps so if that means adding weight do that so that was day one of my 30-day program and if you thought that was hard you have no idea what's to come it's gonna get a whole lot harder as the week's

progressed but hey that is what we're trying to do we're trying to build this back so we have to do things that you're not used to to grow you you.



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