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How I Workout Shoulder exercises -

How I Workout Shoulder exercises -

How I Workout Shoulder exercises -

What's up guys it's Chris herea welcome to the vlog we just got back from the Euro tour we had a lot of fun meeting and training with you guys visiting some cool spots and trying some amazing food but now we are back in Miami back in my house and I'm ready to get back to my normal workout routine so today is shoulder day I'm gonna show you how I train shoulders after coming back from a trip and

not having been able to train shoulders properly the way I would have liked to when you're constantly moving around to different places at different times it's gonna be hard to maintain your normal workout schedule and chances are you're not gonna have access to the equipment you would normally use so now that I'm back home I'm gonna ease my way back into shoulders and back into my training regimen so today we're not gonna be doing any heavy lifts we're actually gonna be focusing on skill and technique for the first round and for the second round we're gonna be using dumbbells to make sure that we hit all the areas and heads of our shoulder and although lifting heavy

is great and effective I'm going to show you a shoulder routine that's just as effective that you can do from home that's a lot less impact on your shoulders let's head outside and get started all right so we're gonna get this workout routine started now before every workout I always need to warm up so today we're training shoulders and techniques that are going to require the ligaments and tendons within our arms to be very well warmed up so I'm going to be doing some mobility work with their resistance band to get started to make sure that my shoulders as well as the rest of my arms are ready for this workout all right so now that we got the mobility and the warm-up out of the way it's time to

get this workout started and for round one every single exercise is going to be a technique movement with each move heavily emphasizing on your shoulders I start with the hardest movement and then I'm gonna work my way down to easier exercises and for this round I'm gonna do them all reps and sets maxing out each exercise four times before moving on to the next one this is going to make sure that I give a hundred percent for every skill and help enforce a stronger contraction so the first move is going to be full planche push-ups I'm gonna max these out four times let's go for it all right so there we have some full planche push-ups and of course there's some of you guys watching that can't do

this movement yet an alternative or progression to this move to work your way up to this level of strength would be pseudo push-up you're still engaging your shoulders and the same muscles that are required to do full planche push-ups except that the ground is assisting you so you're not using all of your body weight so normally I rest for about one minute in between each move when I'm training reps and sets so I'm going to go ahead and go for my next round and then we'll be moving into our next exercise all right so there we have the full planche push-ups the first exercise of round one I posted this workout on the Harrier Pro app and for all the hard techniques I've given a progression for

every single exercise so you can still do this workout with me and get insane results from home even if you can't do the advanced exercises so if you haven't already download the hereƶ Pro app in the App Store or Google Play Store to get this workout as well as all my personal workouts and workout programs that I've created with specific goals in mind like burning fat and building muscle to getting in the best shape of your life and eventually being able to do the same advanced exercises that you see me do like the one coming up next you have 90 degrees handstand push-ups we're gonna max this movement out four times now with the 90 degree handstand push-ups we're gonna be emphasizing on

a different part of our shoulders engaging more of our shoulders and ensuring that this is going to be a highly effective routine let's go for it oh alright so there we have some 90-degree handstand push-ups and if you can't do these then you should be working on wall walks and engages your shoulders and the same muscles needed to perform this exercise except the wall is gonna help alleviate some of your body weight making the exercise a lot more manageable and eventually building your strength to be able to perform a 90-degree handstand push-up so I have four more sets of these and then I'll be moving on to the next exercise all right so there goes the 90 degrees let's go ahead and check that

exercise off the list or if you're doing wall walks go ahead and input how many reps you did let's move on to the next exercise that's gonna be one of my favorites handstand push-ups alright this is gonna be the last exercise for round one I want you guys to give it everything you got let's go for it all right so there we have some handstand push-ups for those of you that can't do handstand push-ups I want you to do them against the wall kick up into a handstand and do them like that and if that's still too difficult you can try elevated Pike push-ups or Pike push-ups to build your strength and work up the progressions moving on to handstand push-ups against the wall and eventually doing them

without the wall if you guys want a article on how to a handstand push-up you can check out my website I've already made a article on that and if you guys are trying to learn how to handstand hold check out how to handstand hold in five easy steps but for now let's get back to the workout routine I have three more sets of handstand push-ups and then we're gonna move on to round two let's get it alright guys we just finished round one my shoulders are pumped now it's time to finish off this workout routine with round two round two is gonna supplement what we've already done emphasizing on every single head individually within our shoulder engaging giving attention to and

emphasizing on each specific area of our shoulder to make sure that we've completed a well-rounded effective shoulder routine so if you haven't already let's check handstand push-ups off the list and let's get right into round two for this round we'll be using a pair of dumbbells for each exercise and the first exercise being rear delt fly's we're gonna go for ten reps when doing rear delt fly's you're emphasizing mainly on your rear delt so you want to make sure to contract them as hard as possible while doing this exercise make sure your chest is open and your scapula are pulled back attracting your rear delts as hard as possible during the movement the next exercise we're gonna be going into is

frontal straight arm raises with dumbbells we're gonna be going for ten reps now frontal raises mainly emphasize on your frontal delts again this is where you want to focus on your contraction and if you're doing this exercise with your arms straight and locked out then you should also be focusing on your grip your forearm and the ditch of your elbow moving on to the next exercise we have lateral raises with dumbbells we're gonna go for ten reps as well and this exercise is mainly going to emphasize on your medial delt that's gonna be the last head and main area of your shoulder and make sure you get a strong contraction you're lifting the dumbbells up by your sides and making sure

elbows are up as well and lastly to finish off round 2 we're going to go back into our rear delts doing the exercise dumbbell skis and we're going back to rear delts because in the first round you didn't engage it as much as we were with the medial and frontal delt so to even out this routine and to make sure we've worked out our rear delts in just as much we're gonna hit them again with another exercise dumbbell skis alright so there we go for round two that's gonna complete this workout of teen guys thank you so much for watching and there you have a highly effective shoulder routine that you can do from home all use a pair of dumbbells and your own bodyweight and of course the workout

routine to get the workout routine definitely download the Harriet Pro app on the App Store or Google Play Store get access to this workout routine as well as all the other workouts and workout programs that I've created with specific goals for burning fat and building muscle all to get you in the best shape of your life as fast as possible if you guys enjoy the article they definitely smash that like button comment down below and let me know what you want the next article to be about and for more of my articles make sure you've hit that subscribe button I post every Thursday to PM us 8:00 Eastern Time after you comment within the first 30 minutes of any article you always have a chance

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