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How Model Tess McMillan Gets Runway Ready - Vogue -

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How Model Tess McMillan Gets Runway Ready - Vogue -

I think that what's happening right now and what excites me to see is I feel like modeling is becoming less about looking one certain way and more about celebrating like all of the different ways that a person can possibly exist it's not that I didn't think that I could model but it's just never something that I thought was gonna be like my story hi Vogue my name is Tess McMillan and we're here in London Fashion Week and I'm getting ready to do the Simone grocery show which I'm so excited for but before that I'm gonna take you around for my day and right now

I was just getting ready to write in my journal a little bit which is what I do every day so one I feel like such a teenager I'm like no don't look I think everyone needs at least one secret this is my third time walking and this time I feel a little bit better but I remember like before I did my first show I was like I'm not doing shows I said that to my agent I was like I'm not doing shows ever because it just like it scared me so terribly but now I'm kind of getting more comfortable in it and I'm finding more of the excitement of the joy in it so I think that it's about time to start getting ready the bathroom is shared so the biggest problem that I have with my skin personally is that it gets really dry my biggest thing is that I wear sunscreen every single day without fail but I forgot my sunscreen in

Paris of which I'm just gonna have to like let it go I'm like particularly freckly right now because it's the end of summer so I have like I love my freckles my call time is at 2:00 p.m. and I am starving so I think I'm gonna grab a bite to eat before the show I'm gonna get dressed I got this dress um actually really recently on a vacation in Canada I have this theory that the best places to vintage shop are and actually the places that are super known for style it's actually the places that aren't on the map whatsoever like the best vintage shopping I've ever found the world it's a secret but Scotland Scotland is the best vintage shopping I actually have to take the Eurostar back to Paris right after the show so this is my entire life right now packed into one bag hi I'm checking in a room 208 he's testing on I'm trying to decide between avocado toast and a cheese toastie

I'm gonna get a classic cheese toastie and I spoke a lot so please thank you thank you I feel like I'm eating like a little toddler like I had my like grilled cheese in my chocolate milk and I'm like this is what it's like in the life of an adult so I originally am from a small town in East Texas called Beaumont and then when I was around 8 I moved to Austin up until really just like a couple years ago the modeling industry really existed within okay so we have straight sized models and we have plus-size models but there was really like no one to represent in between to me plus-size it's just the term that's used for models that aren't you know a you know size zero I'm not a size zero I'm about a US size eight and so because people are like oh whoa we don't have a label for that people are like okay that's plus-sized I guess

I remember the first time that I ever got a hate comment it really really affected me you know like I had a really hard time dealing with it but you know through help from my family especially my mom and my best friends I kind of like started to shift my focus from okay there's something wrong with me and there's not something wrong with the people who said it but like I don't think that anybody who feels good about themselves would try to take somebody else down and so once I realized that I realized like okay I can move forward knowing that like if I think I'm beautiful then you know what's to stop me from doing anything okay so I have to get to the Simone show now I'm kind of late so here we go I think because last time I had such a pleasant experience walking for the show I feel really calm

I know that I'm gonna get there and like everyone's gonna take care of me I'm gonna be working with people that I really admire and enjoy working with so I just feel really calm and excited the show today is going to be at Alexandra Palace and yesterday when I was doing my fitting I was talking to someone who said that the British people call it Ally Pally so we're gonna go with that that seems official it's insane so happy you're in the show so I have to whisper right now because someone is being interviewed over there I'm not working right now I'm doing a photo shoot over there okay so I just finished shooting the campaign and so now I'm gonna change out of these and then go to hair and makeup so the collection was originally inspired by the Irish band boys traditionally they would hunt the ran bird on st.

Stephen's Day they're almost like trick-or-treaters so they're a little bit spooky and a little bit rebellious and a little bit punk I just thought even though you're not Irish you have such a beautiful natural Irish coloring that you had to be part of a collection I just think you're such an inspirational beauty thank you okay you gotta go to hair makeup bye thank you really payment oh I'm a bird hi bone he said that I have a feather yeah so we've got all of these feathers from Irish birds they wear body painting down the middle of the forehead it's heavy so pretty now I have to hurry and go to rehearsal which is basically where I shoes on and then I do like a practice loop of the runway Charice know okay so we're really getting into like the last you know 20 minutes before the show so everyone has to do their last touches beautiful perfect okay we have to really rush because it's

10 minutes until the show tessie check this to you in here is we prefer in here let's go to first looks this is it we're getting ready to go on the runway and I'm so excited thank you guys for following me around all day it's been so fun but now I have to catch my Eurostar back to Paris.

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