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How to Decorate a Small Backyard on a Budget "INTERIOR DESIGN" -

How to Decorate a Small Backyard on a Budget "INTERIOR DESIGN"  -

How to Decorate a Small Backyard on a Budget "INTERIOR DESIGN"  -

Hey guys welcome back to live your style in this article I have to stay very still which is not what I usually do because if I move an inch my head's in the Sun can you guess where I am I am in my backyard if you guys are new to live your style and you haven't subscribed hit the subscribe button and know that usually I have much better lighting situation we've been going through a new series

called house to home where I show you guys how to transform your brand-new homes that feel super weird and empty and foreign and like kind of a little depressing because you are like overwhelmed with what the heck do you do we just moved into this new environment that you haven't made any memories in and you haven't made it your own so I'm teaching you guys how to make your spaces your own and love and feel comfortable in them well how you want to play this is Scout okay let go so I can throw it let go so I could throw it Oh in today's article I'm showing you guys my backyard it's

one of the final rooms that you guys have not seen yet and I'm really excited about it because this space was kind of a behemoth I'm gonna say right now we did do some stuff to the house that normally people don't do when they're renting and I know that that's strange but this is what I do for a living for us it makes sense and it's just part of our business but one day this will apply to you when you guys own your own place I will also preface that I learned a lot in this article in this whole process because I'd never had a back yard before back yards are new to Scouts never had a back yard

either and that's why she's so happy we're out here are you sure happy I'm also in my Italian vacation outfit what do you think I've done all the work already so I can dress up the befores of this backyard it was pretty drab and dreary the yard itself was pretty neglected the house itself I don't know if it had been painted in decades was built in the early 1900s the trellis here was super like decaying and growths and so there's just a lot we did to it so I'm excited for you guys to see where it was and where it is today and all that we did to make it our own question of the article before we get started are there

any spaces that we have not covered that you want more details on I know I showed you an overarching view of each of the rooms tried to keep things pretty broad because we had a lot to cover but now we're either going to start making articles about the specifics of what we did or we're gonna mix in well not or we are going to mix in some spaces of other people's spaces just quick tip articles on just decorating and things that apply to the seasons leave me your comments of what you want to see next and let's get into today's yeah the first thing how we did here was we painted the house I

know not everyone can paint especially if you're renting we are in a very different situation and when I saw this house I really loved it on the inside but the outside not so much so for me being able to paint this white with the black trim that's kind of what I always envisioned we were able to submit the paint colors to our landlords and they loved to them and we worked with an awesome painting company in two days his house is transformed if you guys want to know more about how to pick paint colors especially for exterior how to pick painters and all the things that go into painting the

outside of your space go ahead and check out the design session my mom and I kind of partnered together she was actually doing the outside of her house working on curb appeal at the same time that we wanted to do our place so we kind of did it together film the whole process if you guys want to see that I'm gonna link it below and you guys can check that out in addition to painting the house we painted the garage obviously to match the house and then we covered up some of the eye sores so like the AC on the outside the water heater the trellis and that area that was like totally decaying and

falling apart we painted things that were decaying black to hide some of the Flies and then the things that were attached to the house that were like a silver color because they were like metal or what-have-you if we painted those white to blend in with the actual house so that's a really great tip if you guys can't really afford to repaint the whole house and you have the color of what your current house is painted as hey the exterior the same color eyes some of those eye sores and they will blend in and disappear number two update your landscaping this place when we started was kind of dreary drab

and a lot of dead brush kind of everywhere so the first thing I did was I picked a lot of weeds I picked up a lot of the dry brush in honestly clipping away dead leaves and just cleaning up there's so much to update the look of it the second thing is I watered sorry this is a little embarrassing but I've never had a yard before if we had a lawn out here and they actually provide gardeners to maintain the line but they only come like once every two weeks or three weeks and I just assumed when the gardener comes they water and then that's all you have to do I didn't really understand the fact that grass and

all that needs to be watered like every week so I gave everything a nice drink of water and it was amazing how the next day everything was all perky and kind of coming back to life but we still needed to add a few extra things so I actually went to Home Depot and I picked out a few hotted shrubs if you will all most of them were under ten to fifteen dollars so it wasn't that expensive and I bought a lot of mulch if you guys followed me along fold along with me on Instagram you guys saw all the mulch I had to buy and all the trips I went to Home Depot it was kind of an exciting

exhausting day and you also saw the other thing I started to build which was with Elena and her boyfriend daveed they helped me build a vegetable garden in my backyard it takes a lot of soil to fill up a vegetable garden I will tell you that and if you guys followed along you saw that I filled up Tyler's truck a thousand pounds of dirt and actually was even dirt it was compost with cow poop in it we didn't tell Tyler about that I learned how to plant vegetables how to plant herbs where to put them why you put them certain ways which ones to put on the wall when to water them all the details are in

this month's design session if you guys want to go check that out and watch my mom and I a tricked her and made her put her hands all the way into the mud and it was all full of poop you don't want to miss that right you want to go and find the design session and watch that even if it just for that scene the last thing we did was we got a couple this is an olive tree and I got a couple potted plants that I wanted to decorate the outside of the grassy area with I ended up buying a few of these and potting them myself but as God would have it as soon as I got home from Home Depot with my other potted

plants that I was I was planning on putting in the ground myself the gardeners just happened to show up and I was like hey would you mind putting these in the ground for me and they're like yeah sure so they really were a big help I think it turned out pretty darn good what are you guys think number three create an outdoor seating area when you live in California you can really entertain all year long outside which is really nice so that was what I was really like most excited about with this house was making it a space that I really wanted to hang out in in order to do that you all seen places to sit well

you guys saw the inside of our house and how we worked with article with a lot of the different rooms in there they did not disappoint when it comes to outdoor furniture I will link it below as you guys know if you want to check it out it is very hefty and its really really really well made I don't know if this is real wood but it looks like real wood wood it has like the wood grain the color is really amazing I think they actually have it in a six and an eight this is the six I believe I'll link it below this is really cool you can use this as like a little seating area and I got the matching dining chairs right

behind me the chair I was sitting in a second ago that guy is also it's a little lounge chair and that's from article and I just think it really ties in our modern kind of edgy look we're going for but it still feels very organic and the corners are rounded so it's very soft pops really well next to the white and I can just watch my little baby crops and see how they're doing and it's so fun having it garden you guys especially when they start sprouting stuff you're like oh my gosh there's like a little baby tomato and I forgot to tell you guys while I was sitting over there I got rid of the plastic tire material hoses

that are like bright green and I got myself a cloth with a little dingle dongle on it and it is black it's back there you can hardly see it when you turn the faucet on it along gates and then when you turn the faucet off it shrinks back up so it kind of like coils itself back up and it doesn't get all like knotted and tangled and it's not as much to manage and it's easier to use in its black you know me I'm all about my practical things matching my colour palette so if you guys want to check that out I will link its below number four add backyard lighting in landscape lighting so for us we really wanted to focus

in some of the seating areas we had a little seating area in the corner that we put in a little pendant light over that I found at IKEA in this particular seating area you know the cute little article one I think it really added a lot to the space because it does kind of decorate this little corner and the chair filled the space perfectly we also transformed what once was an eyesore which was a dead tree we were not allowed to pull it so rather than letting it just kind of take up space and look like a scarecrow kind of skeleton we kind of draped it with lights in an intentional way we use some market lights and

I think it turned out really great it really lights up the space it adds an extra element of decor but also like some ambiance in that corner of the yard that would not have a way to light it up if I didn't have that tree there we also added a really pretty pendant it actually used to be the one in my dining room in our last apartment and we put that outside as you know it used to be a hard wired light fixture we switched it out to being a plug-in light fixture which was really convenient because outside we don't have Hardware little outlet thingies but we do have some plug-in outlet thingies it really provided

some great ambience for dinner and lit up the table and looks really nice so if you guys want to learn how to do that transforming a chandelier or a light fixture that needs to be hardwired into something that can plug in go over to Instagram we have a highlight button that says pendant light trick or something like that I worked with one of my electrician friends on that and he kind of showed me step-by-step what to do and transforming it so if you're confident in your lighting skills go check that out last but not least we lit up the trellis and we put some market lights kind of on the perimeter of it

they are a really pretty glow and they just add a little bit of a lifted light they're not super bright kind of glows back into the backyard and lights up that space as well it turned out amazing I think the lighting added the perfect cherry on top and it made the space look awesome when we finished the backyard we had our friends and family over had a little backyard party and got to break in the space honestly I recommend that after all the hard work and the sweating and the digging and the mud adding a nice little party at the very end kind of makes you look back on all your work it all makes it

worth it and you get to just celebrate today was really fun I am so excited about this backyard space I actually want to be out here now I want to hang out here Scout lives playing out here and it's really fun to entertain so I encourage you guys if your backyards are looking a little drab or your patios or whatever you've got put weekend into it and get yourself some mulch couple potted plants or plants you can put in the ground have fun with it don't forget to check out the design sessions if you want to

know more in detail of what we did back here something to link up below if you want to check it out and I will see you guys next week bye bye.



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