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How To Make Keto Carrot Coffee Cake -

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How To Make Keto Carrot Coffee Cake -

How's it going guys today we're gonna be combining my two favorite desserts carrot cake of course is number one and then coffee cake I love the crumble on a coffee cake and I just love carrots and cake combined so today we're gonna be making a carrot coffee cake does it get better I don't think so so the first thing we're gonna do is you want 1 large carrot we have to like smallish medium ones here so I'm gonna grate these down first thing read your fingers alright and then once you have your nub

leftover that you can't really great you just feed it to your puppy or your child and that's how we save the planet and waste no food you have your grated carrot we're gonna set this aside real quick while we put together the batter so the first thing we want to do is melt down half a cup or eight tablespoons that's one full stick of butter into a large mixing bowl microwave-safe of course alright so we got our butter all melted down on to this we're gonna add 1/4 cup of erythritol we're using powder but since we're baking it you don't have to you could totally use granular then we're also going to add the stevia so we're doing 1/2 stevia and 1/2 a river child that's how we like to make our desserts and we're gonna do 50 drops which is about half a teaspoon give that a little whisk because the butter is really

hot so we don't want to add the eggs right in we don't want to cook those eggs and now we're gonna add two eggs ok give that a quick whisk before we add in our flowers so as we've mentioned in other dessert recipes the combination of almond flour and coconut flour is what achieves like the best I would say cake result or like it's not too dry from the coconut flour and then it's not too like moist from the almond flour so I highly recommend combining the two which is what we're gonna do here 2/3 cup of almond flour and just two tablespoons of coconut flour you don't need a lot of coconut flour again it's really an absorbent flour and then we're gonna do 1 teaspoon of baking soda one teaspoon of cinnamon there's that coffee cake flavor right let's give that a mix and then finally we got

to mixing these carrots add them right in and you can fold or whisk these in oh man look at that that's beautiful and then last but not least you want a pinch of salt that always brings out the flavors a little more quick whisk again we're gonna set this aside and gonna make our crumble topping now so for our crumble topping we're gonna start with a base of four tablespoons of butter so this is cold butter I'm gonna melt it slightly in the microwave you don't want it to melted so we're gonna just melt it down a little I'll show you what its gonna look like you could tell the majority of it is melted but it's not fully melted down I did it in bursts of like 7 to 10 seconds so to this bowl we're gonna add half a cup of almond flour 1 tablespoon of coconut flour we're gonna add 3 tablespoons of erythritol 30

drops of stevia so a little over a quarter of a teaspoon and then another teaspoon of cinnamon I love cinnamon and all you got to do is mix this with a spoon alright guys so we have our batter made and we have the topping made so we're gonna set those aside real quick and I'm gonna show you what I did with our cake pan so this is an 8 inch cake pan and I just cut out a piece of parchment paper to fit the size of it so what I did was put the parchment paper down and I traced the outside and then I also left 2 little slips so it could be easily pulled out but what I like to do is still grease it up with some coconut oil spray so we're getting all the sides and this will help the parchment paper stick better there you go so now all that's left to do is get our batter in we also have the oven preheated to 350 so

you're gonna want to do that right now if you haven't already so as this batter was sitting it did thicken up slightly so that's coconut flour and we are just gonna spread it out so now all we got to do is top this with our crumble so our crumble is pretty thick here as you can see so I'm not just gonna use my hands and I'm gonna plop it on so it's not too like perfect or pretty or spread out cuz I Cal it'll like inconsistency with my coffee cakes once everything is combined and baked you can't really go wrong right I feel like you Matt probably had a lot of coffee cake growing up with like your grandma and coffee parties so Matt does coffee parties still till this day it's super cute his grandma lives across the street from his mom so every morning they have coffee together and they did that all throughout

like middle school in high school right I think they're really pushing for us to come and move right next door as well okay that looks good tell me all we're gonna do is pop this in our 350 degree oven for 30 to 35 minutes I'm gonna check on it about 25 minutes the crumble could potentially burn a little our oven runs really hot so gauge the timing based on your oven all right guys we are back with our carrot cake coffee cake so carrot coffee cake it was in the oven for a total of 25 minutes so I think it looks beautiful like a nice marbled cake but I'm excited to try it as well so let's pull it out and it is super moist so be careful oh man oh man there we go so let's slice up a piece super moist you can see like the little bits of orange which it looks beautiful I'm excited to try it and see what it tastes like I'm

gonna go right in for a big bite oh yeah mmm oh man that is amazing so it's obviously a straw a nice strong cinnamon flavor because we have sinner in both layers but then the carrot cake comes through you're like oh I need a carrot cake or am i eating a coffee cake and like the ratio of almond flour to coconut flour made it super moist if you put this in the refrigerator which is where you're going to want to store it a ziploc bag should be fine or even a glass container it's gonna stay moist if you reheat it in the microwave I would top this with some butter put it alongside a nice cup of coffee maybe your bulletproof coffee and you have the perfect morning breakfast so make this at home guys this is our carrot coffee cake linked below in the description will be the blog post exactly on how to make this

and we hope that you love this as much as I do so let us know if you make it tag us on Instagram leave us a comment on the blog post thanks for joining us we'll see you soon.



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