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How To Remove Blackheads At Home - DIY BLACKHEAD REMOVER -

How To Remove Blackheads At Home - DIY BLACKHEAD REMOVER -

How To Remove Blackheads At Home - DIY BLACKHEAD REMOVER -

Hi guys so in today's article I'm gonna be showing you one of the most powerful crazy DIY masks that will give you a glowing skin and get rid of all of your blackheads whiteheads and minimize your pores dramatically and it's super affordable it's only three ingredients now don't forget to thumbs up

this article letting me know you want more like this and check the description below for everything that I use and a bunch of my beauty DIY articles so one of my biggest problem areas like most of us is my nose I feel like it just gets so filled and clogged with a bunch of grease makeup and things like that so I like to focus on that area but you can use this mask for anywhere that you notice a lot of black and white heads now all you're going to be needing for this very powerful mask is some baking

soda you can use any brand also some whitening toothpaste a little bit of water and a spoon and jar to make the mixture in and then a little bonus which i think is so important is a disposable toothbrush this will help exfoliate and extract all of your pores now it's time to make this magical mixture I can't wait till you guys see how well it works so you're gonna be needing about a tablespoon of baking soda this is really gonna help lift up all of the dirt and blackheads and whiteheads you're also going to

be needing some toothpaste some people say don't use whitening toothpaste but I find that it works fine this really helps to disinfect your pores and any buildup you have in there and it is gonna be a little hard to get off the spoon so you just want to tap it until it all comes out now the last ingredient is a tablespoon of water I just kind of free pour a mine in there and I want to add if you have sensitive skin adding a little more water is okay it can look watery and watered-down it just makes it less harsh

but it still has the same exact effect you just want to give it a really good stir and mix and it's on to the next step so before applying this mask you want to make sure you get a washcloth and some super hot water because we're gonna be applying this on our face to open up our pores and make the extraction process very easy as well as help that mask work into our skin so I'm just going to squeeze the hot water out and then apply it to my nose because that's where I'm gonna be focusing on today

you can apply this wherever you want to put this mask now I find gently pressing the washcloth onto your face works best I like to apply it for about a minute now it's time for what we've all been waiting for the extraction and applying process so what we're just going to be taking that toothbrush and dipping it into the mixture that we made and applying it onto our problem area now with this I'm going to go in soft very soft circular motions and then in an up-and-down motion and you guys are

literally going to see my pores extracting all of the whiteheads blackheads and any kind of buildup that is in my pores you guys are literally gonna watch it come out and the more you gently scrub it the more it gently extracts that for you now since I have sensitive skin I did make my mask and mixture super watery because I find it works best and it doesn't irritate me but you can make it whatever strength you want and then I'm going to do this gentle exfoliation for a minute and then let

it sit on my nose for about two to three minutes once it's been three minutes you want to add a little more hot water to the washcloth let it sit for 30 seconds and then slowly wipe away the mask then you can use the towel to extract any excess pores or build up and you guys are gonna see it comes out so easy it's actually insane how easily all the gunk comes out of your pores after this map you guys have to comment me below letting you know how good it worked for you because it blows my mind

every time I do it it's just it's gross but it's awesome and now you should have beautiful extra clean glowy skin from the masque the extraction I love that goodness and you can go on makeup free and love life so I hope you guys like this article comment below anything else you want to see and check out my description I love you guys so much thank you for watching and I'll see you in a few days for my new article.



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