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How To Use Creatine to Build Muscle -

How To Use Creatine to Build Muscle - how to take creatine dangers of creatine creatine effects creatine benefits creatine monohydrate what is creatine and what does it do creatine weight gain creatine dosage

How To Use Creatine to Build Muscle -

In today's article how to use creatine monohydrate to build muscle hey guys what's going on this is power Bella from pro physique comm in today's article we're gonna discuss creatine monohydrate and how to best use it to build muscle and if you enjoy these type of articles where I explain the basics of how to build muscle how to lose fat how to look good click the subscribe button below

because I'm gonna keep them coming in today's question is about creatine monohydrate now this is a question that I get so frequently but I typically overlook mostly because creatine has been around since my early days in the sport and it's one of those topics that I tend to just brush off because there's so much information out there but I realize I've seen some new stuff lately that I thought might be interesting for you guys so let's talk about creatine monohydrate and what it is it's an amino acid that is available in food that stores itself in our muscle cells and probably has more research behind it than any other supplement on the market in fact when it came out I got my hands on a couple bottles of

creatine and a product called phosphagen HP and I was immediately amazed at the response I had to us all I would consider myself a hyper responder creatine and here's the problem sometimes when you get in the habit of taking these supplements and then you stop you don't realize the impact but I've recently gotten back into my creatine supplementation yes I am sponsored by Kor Nutritionals and this is the creatine monohydrate that I use and you can get it at court Nutritionals calm using my discount code Paul r20 and get 20% off but I gotta be honest creatine monohydrate it's pretty inexpensive in fact it's probably the best bang for your buck you're going to get in fact that jar right

there I've been housing it I've been doing the loading protocol and man have I been loving it it's one of those things that you sometimes take for granted have you been taking your creatine monohydrate I know I wasn't you know I went through a phase where I was so focused on bodybuilding and so focused on myself for such a long time that I actually kind of came out of that phase and kind of just relaxed myself a little bit but I've been invigorated lately I've been enjoying training and getting stronger in creatine monohydrate there so let's talk about how we should use it now early on there was a lot of talk about when to take it and if you do take creatine monohydrate those plasma levels

are going to increase about an hour after you take it however the real power in creatine is when it saturates the cells once it saturates the cells it's going to improve our performance now how do we saturate the cells well we need to ingest it consistently over a period of time back when I first started they used to suggest these loading protocols of 20 grams a day for up to 10 days or two weeks and then backing it down to 3 to 5 grams a day which I would always do gladly why because a new load creatine at that rate drink a ton of water eat train hard you gain weight I would regularly gain 5 to 10 pounds in a week now what is that that's water weight for a lot of us we worry like well where is that

water going well as I said creatine saturates the muscle cells so it stores more water they're making energy more available for our workouts but I saw some research recently that I read in the past and I missed this it talks about how to load it more effectively instead of loading it say 5 or 10 grams at a time every hour or two you can load one gram every 30 minutes and improve the uptake at which creatine is loaded initially so that you're not basically just pissing it away alright because when you load creatine a lot of it gets excreted in our urine so what we want to do is if you're looking to optimize it in a short amount of time try one gram every 30 minutes until you reach that 20 gram

threshold what I typically do is 5 grams every 4 to 5 hours throughout the day when I'm in a loading phase just because what I found is I have 10 to 20 grams at a single time it becomes difficult on my digestive system so maybe in time we might find that there are health complications but as of now it seems to be completely safe and as someone who's been using it for the greater part of 20 years without any health complications I can safely say I would recommend it and actually it's on every client training program that I have now what I typically suggest for men is 3 to 5 grams per day once you load it or once you've reached that saturation point now if you don't want to load you don't need

to okay you can just start with your 5 grams per day and keep that consistent for women because they typically weigh a little bit less I usually suggest 3 grams per day ok that is how we're going to use this to build muscle now why does it help us build muscle it improves performance it is not going to build muscle for you you cannot take creatine and expect to build muscle just by taking it no it is basically a way for us to express ourselves in the weight room and with our resistance training that improves the outcome because what builds muscle progressive overload if you're able to lift more weight over longer periods of time tends the reason we would have more muscle and this is why supplementation

were supplementation is not an Advent to improper training to improper diet or improper lifestyle by that I mean sleeping and stress need to be in check your training program needs to be at least high enough quality that it's challenging you on a regular basis and your diet needs to provide both the outlet for you to train better and also for you to recover ok all those topics that I've discussed on other articles so I'm not going to get into that here but when it comes to supplementation when it comes to the supplements that I take and I recommend I'm not suggesting that they're going to provide any magic in fact my favorite supplements currently are the ones that are really allowing us to prevent

fatigue and also recover better and just feel better in general those are the supplements that tend to be my favorites at this time I can get more into that later if you guys would like but for day four today I just wanted screeching why I use it for muscle building and I got to be honest kind of excited about again it's something that I hadn't taken for a while but um you know once I started popping this in my pre-workout shake every day well I noticed an immediate difference all right guys that's gonna be it for me today I hope you guys have an awesome day and I'll talk to you tomorrow.



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