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KETO Flu - Explanations & Strategies 2019 -

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KETO Flu - Explanations & Strategies 2019 -

Hello i'm dr. ken berry a family physician with 20 years of clinical experience and i want to take just a few minutes to discuss with you the Quito flu and explain the Quito flu to you what's actually going on and talk about some strategies that you that you can use that you can apply immediately to your life to get through the Quito flu and kind of get past that hurdle and get into the good health and the reversal of chronic disease that you're probably looking for the keto diet is becoming very very

popular and with very good reason a diet that is sustainable that's easy that is filled with delicious food that will also reverse type 2 diabetes that will reverse metabolic syndrome that will improve skin conditions mental conditions that that deserves to get popular and you deserve the benefits from such a diet yourself but there's this thing the scary monster that people talk about called the keto flu and I wanted to break this down for you so you could kind of understand it maybe a little better than you did before and understand that there's no danger from this whatsoever this is not a dangerous thing it's not a contagious thing it's something that once you understand what's actually happening to your body's physiology makes perfect sense and you'll understand that this is a hurdle you will have to

clear in order to get to the good health that you're looking for now if you know someone who's thinking about starting the keto diet please consider sharing this article with them on your social media you can share this article on your Facebook groups are on your profile you have my permission to share this with anyone who you think it might help now let's jump right into this there's basically three things going on with the keto flu there's three processes happening in your body and they're all happening at the same time and that's what really makes keto flu rough for some people now if you're already eating a fairly clean diet if you're eating paleo or ancestral bulletproof something like that then you won't have much keto flu transitioning to a keto or a con or diet but if

you're eating a bunch of highly processed high carbohydrate crap then you're probably gonna have some keto flu let's talk about why I'm gonna tell you the three things that are going on with you during keto flu in this article and then also at the end I'm gonna tell you some really helpful strategies that will help you weather this short live storm so that you can get healthy and lose the fat that you're looking to lose so first and foremost you have to come to understand that processed carbohydrates are addictive and there are actually PET scans that show that the same pleasure centers of your brain that light up when you smoke a cigarette or when you take a drink of alcohol or when you use even more more hard addictive drugs the same pleasure centers light up when you eat a jelly doughnut or a

honey bun or even two pieces of whole wheat bread these things are habit-forming to the human brain they activate endorphin receptors they and they activate the pleasure centers in your blind brain and so therefore when you come to realize that and some people get very triggered by me saying that that there's no way that food that's sold in a grocery store is habit-forming or addictive but I'm sorry to say it absolutely is and the biggest part of the keto flu is the withdrawal symptoms that you will experience from getting sugar and grains and industrial seed oils out of your diet it's almost as if big food knows that these things are habit-forming and that's why they use sugar and grains and industrial

seed oils to make every single product they make in the center of the grocery store kind of odd in it so let's talk about addiction so if someone is a two-pack-a-day cigarette smoker or they drink two six-packs of beer every single day they're addicted they have an addiction right and when they say okay I know that smoking tobacco is bad for me I'm gonna stop that or I know that drinking a case of beer a day that's bad I've got to stop that when they do stop they're gonna have a known set of with drawl symptoms they are gonna have flu-like symptoms during the withdrawal and for smokers it's actually called the quitters flu there's an exact same syndrome with quitting alcohol or even quitting other habit-forming drugs you're gonna have a flu-like syndrome for three to ten days this is well known in

the addiction communities you're gonna have body aches you're gonna have chills you're gonna have the itching and you may have heard of the keto rash this is part of the withdrawals and symptoms of breaking your addiction to carbohydrates you're gonna you might have a headache you might have fatigue you might have irritability nausea insomnia constipation dizziness leg cramps decreased alertness decreased performance at work or in the gym and some people even have quite severe depression and anxiety symptoms as they're going through the withdrawal process for tobacco alcohol other drugs and carbohydrates now if someone was trying to quit smoking and they were having all these symptoms would you feel like you were being a good friend if you said you know

this is this sounds dangerous you should probably just smoke a cigarette no that that wouldn't be a good friend at all the smoker and the alcoholic need to break their addiction and the Carbajal ik also needs to break their addiction and there's no way to get around this if you are addicted to carbohydrates you have to go through this withdrawal process that lasts for three to ten days I'm gonna talk about some strategies at the end that will help you cope with this but you have to go through this trial in order to get the benefits of good health on the other side so that's the first thing and most by far the thing that most people suffer from the most when they're transitioning to a keto or a carnivore diet is the withdrawal symptoms of breaking the addiction to the processed carbohydrates

and for some people it's just processed sugar and grains some people even have the withdrawal symptoms when they stop other carbohydrate sources as well now the second thing that's going on is when you greatly lower the amount of carbon traits that you eat on a daily basis then your blood sugar levels are obviously going to come back down to low normal and this is going to allow your insulin levels to come back down to low normal as well when your insulin is chronically high because you're eating too many carbohydrates then you're gonna hold a lot of excess fluid in your body in your tissues some people have this as edema around their ankles and feed and EEMA in their fingers some people hold most of the edema in their abdomen around their waistline as you eat fewer

carbohydrates your insulin levels going to come down and this is going to cause a diaeresis or a urinating out of all this excess fluid that you've been holding and a lot of people experience this the first week or two they go keto or carb or they'll lose three to ten pounds that's not fat that's the fluid that they were holding unnecessarily so by converting to keto or carnivore they get to get rid of all that excess fluid it looks good on the scale in the bathroom but that's not really the big deal the big deal is is that you're decreasing the amount of edema you're holding now the way the human kidney works is when you excrete this extra fluid a certain amount of magnesium and potassium has to go

with it and so you'll wind up with electrolyte deficiencies and the the fact of the matter is is that most Americans already have magnesium and potassium deficiencies to start with and so when they go keto it actually makes the symptoms of this more pronounced so the the muscle twitches and spasms and cramps and so you'll want to make sure that you replace these electrolytes and I'll talk about that down in the strategies another thing that's happening when you are going keto or or carnivore is that your levels of chronic unhealthy inflammation in your body is getting better now inflammation one of the four cardinal signs of inflammation is edema or swelling and so as the inflammation improves you're gonna again have excess fluid that you no longer need to carry around everyday and you're

going to urinate that away with that also goes salt sodium and chloride and there are a lot of health authorities out there that will tell you that sodium chloride is bad for you you should minimize it actually when you look at the research and when you look at the Anthropology of that question that becomes a silly superstition that salt is bad for you salt is good for you we are mammals all mammals need salt and so you you and when you convert from the standard American diet or the standard Western diet over to keto or carnivore you get to enjoy more salt you can salt all your food to taste salt it to the amount of saltiness that tastes good to you in fact you need to do that or you'll wind up with lower levels of sodium and potassium sodium and chloride which can lead to some symptoms

and so these are the three things that are going on with the keto flu you're withdrawing from a habit-forming substance which is processed carbohydrates you are having low lower electrolyte levels because of the decrease in the insulin and the decrease in the inflammation and you're also having lower levels of salt in your body than your body's used to having now let's talk about strategies to make the keto flu less bad because whether you're stopping carbohydrates or tobacco or alcohol or crack you're gonna have some withdrawals and that is part of it there's just no way around that but you have to break the habit to that unhealthy substance in order to improve your health lose fat decrease inflammation etc so let's talk about some strategies first of all the withdrawal part there's just

no way around this you're gonna have to withdraw from the process carbohydrates if you do this well first of all tell your family and friends I am gonna convert to the keto diet I may have a few days of withdrawals just know I'm not mad at you I'm not depressed truly I'm just going through withdrawal symptoms until I break the the habit I have to these unhealthy carbohydrates so they understand and they won't be worried about you it's really great and helpful to do to go keto with a friend or with your family do it all as a family that way you guys all know what's going on with the other family member another great strategy is to join a Kido Facebook group these people have already been

through the keto flu and they can help you to understand what's going on another good strategy is to you know talk to your doctor get some baseline labs so that if you get to feeling really bad you can go back and have your labs rechecked and make sure that your electrolytes are sodium your chloride and everything are still within normal limits your doctor may caution you against the keto flu because many doctors are like I used to be back 10 years ago they might think that this is a dangerous thing and you shouldn't do it it would be like a doctor saying you know this alcohol withdrawal thing it seems to really be hurting you maybe you should have a beer that's not good advice and so don't don't

take the advice if that's the advice from your doctor but do get some lab or check so that you know what's going on now the second thing is the electrolyte issues make sure that you are eating foods that are rich in magnesium and potassium and I actually have articles about this on this AnaDucha website and I also have articles about this on my Facebook page that you can check out at your leisure but there are also there's also a great electrolyte drop that you can use it's a drop that you just put into your liquid that you drink on a daily basis and it can help tremendously with the electrolyte
portion of the keto flu which in my my opinion is a very small portion but it is nonetheless the the muscle twitches and spasms and cramps can be quite concerning but electrolyte drops will make that go away if you're not able to eat enough magnesium and potassium rich foods as you transition and

then thirdly is you you get to eat more salt congratulations you you don't have to limit salt what I do want you to do is focus on eating a real salt don't just use table salt umbrella girl salt it only has sodium and chloride and it also has added things to keep it from taking or clumping those added things can actually be sugar yeah your salt may very well have sugar in it all most of the salt today that's available has microplastics and nano plastics which can mess with your hormones so don't just use any salt make sure and use a real salt and I'm gonna put a link down below to the electrolyte drops and the real salt that I love right down there you can click on those and check them out so this these are some strategies that you can use and there are many more strategies that will help you cope

with the withdrawal symptoms you can actually go to a webpage about cigarette withdrawal and stopping smoking and just look at the strategies they talked about go for a walk you know don't don't try to fight this and don't try to pretend it's not a carbohydrate addiction because it kind of is when you own that and understand it and then start using strategies that will help you get through the keto flu within three to ten days and then you'll be able to enjoy all the health both physical and mental benefits of a ketogenic way of eating if you enjoyed this article and you liked it when a medical doctor uses the current meaningful research and the Anthropology of the human being and combines that with common sense to make articles like this then please consider clicking that little subscribe

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