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Makeup and Skincare Beauty Secrets -

Makeup and Skincare  Beauty Secrets -

Makeup and Skincare  Beauty Secrets -

What's up what's up what's up it's your girl be fern over here hello guys thank you for wasting your time and watching this article of me I'm just gonna see what floats my boat maple eyeliner maples you know tinted something on my skin cover up this breakout that I'm getting I know it sounds ridiculous this is my first control in a minute guys are you sure you wanna watch me put on Meghan

cuz I think I should just go out like this huh I'm not gonna wash my face and I'll wash my face in the morning because there's a thing called over washing your face and when I had really bad acne that was one of the things I stopped and actually helped my skin not that I'm saying you guys have to not launch your face in the morning it's just something that works for me I will put on moisturizer this morning first up moisturizer boom my skin has been a really a long time in the works I don't even know how many years I've had cystic acne but it started off as dermatitis and then I tried basically

everything you can think of tearing office parts of your face it's like your own skin like burning it off the vampire facials the micro needling the lasers every laser you can name I've done it and literally nothing worked um not one thing and then I met this woman who changed my life and now I'm recreating her product in my acne line no look at it the change in my skin has caused me to only ever do my own makeup including onset which is always a fun thing for me to get in contractually when I wear makeup I'm wearing Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer because I don't like like you know

heavy foundation or anything like that it my skin can't breathe so I can't wear that so I've got a little bit of these two colors and I'm gonna mix cuz I'm pretty tan right now you guys gonna do some eye rat watch me work this out with basically a dead end I can't be used any longer my mom changed my look a lot of times when I was younger I've seen photos of me with barely any eyebrows with thicker eyebrows with really light eyebrows but how I like my brows now is just like pretty natural-looking not too thick not too shaped just enough to be like they're there but I don't like the whole perfection

look that's just that never works for me also I'm an actress and you know if I'm wearing makeup it needs to look like that like I'm not wearing any makeup and if your eyebrows are perfect looking then everyone oh yeah you definitely where amigo cuz who's got perfect eyebrows it's basically a possible the best tricks I've learned for no makeup set rules I think is Evian spray is great I don't use really powder very often it's just like I'll do like a light dusting in the morning of translucent and that's it pretty much throughout the day because if you pack on powder and you're on set 16 to 18 hours a day

like your face feels disgusting you're definitely gonna get a breakout and on camera it just looks thicker look guys I worked it out this nub come on she's got eyebrows now what give me some credit I'm talented over here I'm doing a little Oh sorry do you work I'm doing a little bit of this a little just just just just lightly grazing over that but mostly on that good white highlight you won't really be able to see it but it will keep my eyes from creasing because it is the powder depending on the shape of your eye depends on what kind of look you want to do my eyes are lightly almond shaped as you can

tell so mostly for me I always do some version of cat even if it's with shadow or liner and how you do that with cat is you don't go up here mainly you kind of go right in your crease and then you feather out this way really lightly if you put white right here the middle of your eyes gonna look a little bit bigger Urban Decay we out here one of my favorites Urban Decay has great liners I'm not a big like go around your whole eye eyeliner kind of girl what I like to do with my eyeliner usually is one on the end and on the inside when you go into the middle that closes off your eye make sure I look

smaller which is good but also sometimes not as good I like the middle of my eye to be pretty wide and I don't mind if here in here a skinnier and more angled so that's why I do these two parts like this oh yeah that looks nice this blue color is not too blue it's got the tightest it's a little bit of turquoise to it which I like it makes my eyes look like a nice color obviously my eyes are brown they turn hazel sometimes they turn really green if I'm trying we're looking into direct sunlight and this brings it out I usually use that stick between the colors for my eyes blue green purple is really nice on brown that's

about it I don't really do brown on brown oh I do red red depending on the color brown red and brown can be really great for brown eyes they can make your eyes look like this more amber color that's really nice I'm gonna use a little derma color I like derma color it's usually actually known mostly for scar victims I know this sounds crazy but it doesn't break out my skin I have it in a palette it comes in little things and then you like take it out and you make your own colors I use this on my scarring especially when I have really bad acne this was the only thing that would cover it with

concealer and things of covering acne people's biggest mistake is going this way puckering acne you have to dot and Pat if you swipe it it will keep swiping and you'll keep swiping and that is why you can never add enough thickness to cover your acting this doesn't work that way glitter you want a glitter you get glitter yeah alright with that you guys like it yeah what's not right than me yeah flush I think that what NARS discontinued the super orgasm I can't find it anywhere so now I have to use the orgasm I wanted super or we got like who just wants an aura guys I want super orgasm like why why

are we gonna you know half-ass this well eyebrow gel I don't know I felt very sad about pride this year I don't know between everything that's going on and just feels like everyone's just like pride for a month that's great we love gay people yay the bride ends and everyone's like cool you're gay I'm looking at you a little weird down okay let's do it we're here obsessed Pat McGrath laughs its Matt oh oh oh hello I only ever do the top part of my life with my finger and I let the bow do the work the bow is this part of your life and if I press down to the bottom half the Hat the front half will just meet

my finger and that will keep me from going up and going over you know ooh that was a nice angle yes how are ya you want to take me out on a date no I'm kidding I just got a boyfriend but if you're a girl what up yep well my hair is this is the longest it's been a really long time so I either do like you know one of the French braids at night to give my hair its wave whatever the director wants or in the morning I wash it in all day as I'm in the car about to go to set I straighten it with my finger it's like this and it totally works um so this is this is my look yeah I'm done thank you for wasting your time

watching this article of me being ridiculous talking about myself and looking at myself and giving myself compliments yeah there's a lot of myself in this article yeah so thank you for spending so much time with me and yeah tune in to the next smoke article because I'm sure it won't be half as fun is mine love you guys wait one for good luck you.



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