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More Beauty Supply Store Virgin Hair! beauty store near me -

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More Beauty Supply Store Virgin Hair! beauty store near me -

Hey you guys thanks for I'm going to check out today's article so today's article is sponsored by Sam's Beauty so thank you so much Sam's for being a continued supportive sponsor and partner for this website you making it happen right here for just a dragon eyes thank you guys so much for watching make sure you hit that subscribe button make sure you put on your post notifications so you never miss a new upload from me and stay tuned for the article all right you guys so this is the hair

that I received from Sam's et it is a deep wave and I did make it into a union it does have a frontal warning I think I have a clip of the unboxing if I do I'll go ahead and stick it in right now so yeah this is the hair I did have to do a lot for the hairline so I'm hoping that the hairline is plucked really well at this point I did also bleach the knots which I / bleach them so we'll see how I can work with that out I did not wash or air dry the bundles so the only part of this hair that's been washed conditioned and air dried is the frontal because I did that after I please for nuts so it looks like it's still blending pretty well right now so I'm going to go ahead and take off my head rack if you like this head wrap it is one

of my website it's available one gleaming calm so you can go ahead and grab you one and yes so I also got a package today and I think it may be something useful to go ahead and get this big together so here we have exactly what I thought this is by we extensions we extensions it's their lace tent spray and it is semi-permanent for lace wigs it's a two point seven ounce container and this is in the shade mocha and this one is in the shade golden and this last one is in the shade beige and it looks like on the back you have your shade ranges and what how many pumps it takes for that shade to come together so for the shade oh so you can get different depths based on how many pumps so for this

color of beige based on a different amount of pumps that you use these are the shades that you can't achieve with extensions shake and slay is a black-owned brand and it is lace tents so I will go ahead and try out these lace tents for you guys today so I have examples of each one and I sprayed them the different amount of times so this one is golden this is three pumps five pumps and eight pumps it's not completely dry yet but I'm sure you can kind of get a feel of the depth of shade range this one is the beige this is three five and eight so the shade range is very very different you can see and lastly is mocha which is the darkest shade and that's three and five and eight so you can see even the

difference between golden and mocha I think from me I'm gonna go with golden I think my shade range will be closer to like golden and an eight pump and then maybe like one or two pumps of mocha combined together should be a really decent match for me so the best lacquer thing to do this was just to turn the wig inside out there it is one two three four so there you go there's the least it smells so good it smells very fragrant I don't know if the fragrance will last but it definitely smells fragrant and you can see that the color is different because the lace down here is a totally different color than the lace up here and the best part about this is you no longer have to use your foundation

so if you watch my website I always use my foundation so go ahead and take my lace because I didn't have any last hint but the good people over at Cosmo Bay's were kind enough to send me these I was so excited to be able to receive them so thank you so much Cosmo B's and thank you so much wig wig stanchions a fellow black-owned brand so you know I'm all about it if this works out you guys this may be the new thing okay.



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