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New Beauty Brands to Shop at SPARKED at Ulta Beauty! | makeup stores near me -

New Beauty Brands to Shop at SPARKED at Ulta Beauty! | makeup stores near me - ulta beauty sephora near me ulta beauty locations makeup stores in egypt ulta brand makeup ulta fulta login ultra mac Page navigation

New Beauty Brands to Shop at SPARKED at Ulta Beauty! | makeup stores near me -

Hi guys I am so excited for this article because I've officially partnered with Ulta on their brand new sparked program so in this article I'm going to tell you all about the program tell you some of the benefits that you guys get and also give you a sneak peek at for the brands that you can expect to see alright so sparked at Ulta Beauty is a really cool platform because what they're doing is they're curating up-and-coming brands that you can't get anywhere else and they're offering products from

those brands exclusively to you guys so starting now you can find the spark to uLTA Beauty program at more than half of their store locations you can also find out more about the program online but what they're doing is really cool because they're taking these brands that have a lot of potential they're still small they're still trying to grow and they have great products and they're putting them front and center for you guys to see and the way we're working with them is exclusively in our private Facebook group called Beauty questions answered so for you guys in the private Facebook group what you get from this whole program and why we've partnered with them is you get sneak peeks at all of the brand's they're gonna be offering which they're gonna change up every few months you'll

get opportunities really exclusive opportunities to speak with the founders of these brands and people that actually work with the brand's so you can ask them questions if you have any questions I feel like it's one of those things where you don't really get that kind of access to people that are actually creating these brands so you get to ask them all of your questions we're gonna have lots of exclusive giveaways for you guys and we're actually going to ask you guys to give your own reviews about these brands and these products that way you can also influence what we're buying and another benefit that you get in the private Facebook group is I'm gonna give you first impressions about each of the brands that they launched so I want to show you four of the brands that you can expect in the

Sparta uLTA Beauty program they're in the stores right now they're very cool one of them I absolutely love and I've been loving for a few months now because my makeup artist Nicki has been using this brand on me for a very long time the brand is called zueva and this specifically is their melody palette and I happen to be wearing a lot of the colors on my eyes right now Nikki's been using this palette on me for a few months I actually showcased one of their other palettes on my personal AnaDucha website because I really do like all of their products I've been using their eyeshadow I love their lip glosses I even love their makeup brushes and I actually think they're very affordably priced for makeup brushes but you can see like the pigment of the color is super pretty

they have great colors to choose from they also offer other makeup products like their lip glosses I'm specifically wearing this lip gloss right now and I absolutely love it the founder of this brand is named Zoe and she really wanted to you know create a makeup brand that helps women find their own individual Beauty this palette specifically is all about transformation so she picked butterflies to represent the palette and the whole entire line and I think it's just great you guys really should check it out I do love all the products like I said I've been using this brand for a while now and I've really enjoyed it and another really cool note about this brand is that they advocate for women who have

suffered from domestic abuse or from cancer so it's a really interesting brand I love all of the products that I have tried so far and hopefully we'll have Zoey the founder in our private Facebook group answering some of your questions live another brand you can expect in the sparks program is LC which is a very cool brand that I have seen so many makeup artists on Instagram promoting so I've had a little bit of FOMO and I'm excited that I get to try it now this was founded by a makeup artist and she's also an educator which is what I think makes this a very cool makeup brand because I feel like makeup artists they're in the field they know what kind of products they want they know what they're looking for the founder of this brand specifically likes to highlight like your individual beauty

and really like bring out like your glowing your skin which is something that I'm into so that's what I like about her brand and to really highlight like our individual canvas which I take to be our skin she's got beautiful highlighters like this one I love the way it looks and feels it's so pretty this is called the Eclipse highlighter and it comes in a few colors like look at this gold one that is so pretty it's so so pretty the pigment is gorgeous and it feels really supersoft this is their glow enhancer to dry face oil I actually don't put this on my face you guys know how I feel about face oils but I have them putting this on like my chest and my shoulders and everything it's a really nice blend of like rosehip seed oil it's got jojoba oil in it then it's got the illuminator in it and it's so pretty when you put it on your skin

especially like on an evening when you're wearing like spaghetti straps and everything I just think it's so pretty it really does enhance your skin and gives you that beautiful glow but they also have other bronzers and highlighters these are the skin reflectors this is their copper raised palette they have a wide variety of makeup to choose from I really love this it's very like basic nude palette and I really love colors like this is you know sometimes I think I'm just such a basic girl but I really am and I love colors like this just so you guys know my makeup artist Nicki has been using this palette on me for years apparently and I had no idea that she's been using this on me all right if you guys are into supplements and I'm constantly getting questions about supplements and I promise right after I have

this little baby I will be more on board to start playing around with supplements and trying things out but I really love this brand - it's called love wellness it was started by Lowe Bosworth it's really cool because I feel like the supplements category is getting an upgrade especially for women because it used to be like you'd go to you know some store where they sell vitamins and you'd be just like I don't know what I'm supposed to get this tastes terrible it smells gross what is this doing to my body so instead there are very specific products she's got this one called good girl probiotics probiotics you guys know are great for your digestive system they really help even your skin I am one of those people that would prefer that you actually take probiotics and say I've tried to put it on your skin

because I'm not 100% sold on the whole skin care line aspect of it so actually taking probiotics is more the way to go in my opinion there's this one called bye-bye blow which you know we could all use a little bit of that especially because you don't want to look bloated for your skin especially if you've got like a date or you've got you know something that you want to look really nice for and what I really like is that they really show you what all the ingredients are and they're very straightforward ingredients instead of just like a long list of what is that this you actually can read and understand what you're taking they offer other supplements there's you know metabolomic condition vitamin so thanks for your hair a lot of it for beauty it's very female first as far as like the voice and

the people behind it and creating it so I feel like it's a good perspective they're creating supplements out as women usually want like these are the things that you guys are constantly asking me about it's like how do I make my nails grow how do I make my hair grow how do I stop bloating how do I make my skin look pretty well here you go there's a ton of supplements for it and last of the four brands in the sparked inaugural program is this one it's called OMA and what I really love about this is it's very inclusive it was started by an african-american woman she's inspired by her heritage and her culture but she's also just created a ton of different colors to choose from so this is the say what weightless foundation it's a soft matte hydrating foundation I went through all of the different colors

and I was so impressed by the wide variety of colors and what she does which I appreciate as a mixed girl even with lighter skin I feel like this was a necessity is she's offering like the undertones like you can go on to the website and you can see like there's yellow undertones there's like warm or cool and there's even neutral because I feel like it's very hard to find the right foundation especially if you're shopping online because your undertones are always a little bit different and that's what I love about this line is you can choose from a variety and you can start to identify exactly what color undertones you have in your skin which is really hard for someone like me who has mixed heritage I would recommend going into one of the stores at Ulta to get shade matched but like I said they have a really

cool way of doing it online too so you can try that as well if you can't access one of the stores the founders also into really vivid fun colors so it seems like she really wants to have fun with all of her makeup colors these are the black magic lipsticks and you can see I mean look at that red it's got some sparkle it also has a really nice scent I really want to eat it I think it's because I'm pregnant right now so but it almost sounds like a chocolatey scent to it but look how pretty that lipstick is and there are tons of other colors to choose from too and they're also highly highly pigmented she also has really fun colors and all of her eyeshadow palettes this is the black magic eye shadow palette and look at that I mean look at this gold color mm-hmm so pretty super highly pigmented I feel like there

are great colors for every skin tone and that's what I really love about this makeup line is she really is trying to reach everybody so those are the first four brands that you can expect in the Sparta uLTA Beauty program like I said you have to join our private Facebook group to get all of the benefits that I mentioned I'm gonna be reviewing these brands we're gonna potentially have the founders of all of these brands doing lives with us and talking to us about the products that they offer and all the thought and work that goes into creating these brands as well you'll have access to the brands to ask questions you'll even be able to talk with some of the people from Ulta to be able to get your questions answered as well which i think is always valuable we're gonna have fun giveaways for all

of these products and some of you guys are gonna get to review these products for all of our members so make sure that you join our private Facebook group I'll leave a link below in the description box I'll also leave a link to the sparked at Ulta beauty program so you guys can check out these brands specifically and learn more about the products that they're offering and like I said go check out these brands in the stores you can find them at more than half of the Ulta stores here in the US and I really think that you guys are gonna find products and brands that you love with this program and you'll be supporting smaller up-and-coming brands and they'll be doing this every few months unveiling new brands that you guys can learn about and we'll be sharing all about those brands too so it's a really

cool program make sure you join our private Facebook group find me on Instagram and I'll talk to you soon nice you.



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