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"New Study" How Alcohol Impacts Muscle! - Anaducha.com

"New Study" How Alcohol Impacts Muscle!

"New Study" How Alcohol Impacts Muscle! - Anaducha.com

In today's article drinking alcohol and building muscle in today's article Stevens a weirdo shortening here you should put shoes on hey guys what is going on it's Paul Roth from pro physique comm and we got a man Stephen low brand so you know what that means today is science with Stephen so first things first if you're interested in learning about the science behind building muscle losing fat looking 

good naked well be sure to hit the subscribe button and if you like that kind of content with an awkward twist click the link below my man Stephens got an awesome Anaducha website as well sorry I don't look good naked guys that's debatable so today's article is gonna come to us from mass the monthly application of strength sport and I want to thank mass for their continued support of my website they send it to me free we do these reviews there's a link below you can click the link below

and get over two years worth of issues there's a lot of research and what they basically do is they look at all the current research out there and this article we're about to talk about this research came out in June of this year so very very topical new stuff that's coming out seems like the literature related to exercise science and this stuff is like ramping up yeah hopefully it's definitely important that we put out good information and it can be difficult sometimes with people and human studies yeah I'm just -

one gets tough past but to make sure that it's legitimate and people are doing the right thing yeah so the great thing about this month's review from Eric Trexler he looked at not only the meta analysis of alcohol and muscle building he also went looked at other research and decided that he thought maybe that should've fit what was in the meta analysis so he was definitely looking at all the available stuff so this is the kind of thing you want you don't want people that are just cherry picking kind of

research that fits their biases you want information that comes from many different spectrums and that's what we have serious so thank you Eric and thank you mass for putting out such a great publication not my man Stephen drove over here in a frenzy he knew he wanted to do this so tell me Stephen why do you want to talk about the idea of consuming alcohol and its impact on muscle belly well really first and foremost it's for my clients it's definitely something that I seen a lot of clients

struggling with and I think this affects so many people you know social drinking is so big not only I guess here in the States but in other you know regions of the world it's kind of accepted there's nothing wrong with it but when we're talking about being competitive you know keeping a look in our offseasons making the most out of our off seasons I think it's important to talk about the things that are either going to benefit or possibly be detrimental to us so it definitely it bears mention not

only for those people but also for the people that are mujer because a lot of times alcohol in particular is misbranded in terms of what it's calorie intake what's carbohydrate intake and some of some of those other things as well so yeah I think educating is a big part of it and consuming alcohol is a huge part of any social equation and I think it's important that we understand that it's this lifestyle that we're into this bodybuilding or fitness lifestyle a lot of times it can get associated with this

straightedge life where you don't get to do anything you don't get to enjoy life you sit in your basement you eat your chicken and broccoli and you go to the gym you be sad whereas what we're going to talk about today are some possible outcomes for including alcohol and possibly some situations from it where maybe you shouldn't so I'm gonna let Steven take over and talk about what this meta-analysis showed right on so this meta-analysis is looking at a few different things and they

go over a bunch of different studies that looked at different populations and males it's the females and so Eric talks about a lot of this in his synopsis of it and it's actually really good point but essentially what we're looking at is how alcohol affects your ability to recover from training and at the end of the day that's that's gonna be the big concern here so they looked at things like the intensity of your exercise sessions and how that affects it with alcohol the amount of alcohol moderate and light versus

heavy drinking and then some of the hormonal influences as well that are going to be accompanied by said drinking excursions so really important things and so hormonal e we're looking at a higher conversion of testosterone to estrogen in males which as you guys know probably not the best thing for us but definitely not what we want there also increases in the levels of cortisol right so as you know cortisol really really big some cortisol definitely an indicator of a good workout but we want to

manage our total cortisol levels over time because it can definitely have a detrimental impact it also talks about its negative impact on sleep quality yeah if you get blackout drunk you'll get to sleep pretty easy but you don't get the same cool obviously so it's worth it and it doesn't really go into depth about the mechanisms of how alcohol is impeding muscle protein synthesis but from my

understanding is that it's looking at the mkemper pathway and it's blocking some of the signaling there and it's actually can in fact heavy drinking negatively impact muscle protein synthesis or the building of new muscle as well just from a little bit yeah I mean I think that's probably the biggest concern is that we put so much effort and time into our diet and training you can drinking alcohol derail that so so in this meta-analysis and if you if you have mass and you go to the article you can

literally click on every study that is used in this there's probably more than 20 nice on there but the meta-analysis what I really like about it is they talked about drinking on different levels because every time we drink we don't get blackout drunk and can we drink we don't have one but what we do is we moderate depending on the situation do we have a glass of wine or two each day or are we going out and we want to get socially silly it's a bachelorette party it's a wedding whatever it might be

so let's talk about what the findings were for those two scenarios that you mentioned absolutely so we know for a fact that heavy drinking been thinking is going to have a negative impact on your ability to recover and your ability to build muscle this will be more impacted based on the intensity of your training sessions but not only this but multiple studies that I've seen before would say that heavy drinking and trying to make progress is a big no bueno no-go it is going to negatively impact you

moderate drinking probably not going to be the worst thing ever again like I said alcohol in and of itself going to influence the mechanisms of muscle growth as well as some of the recovery so is it going to have a substantial impact probably not does that mean that it's not going to have an impact at all up for debate right so if your only goal in life is to be jacked and tan or not tan and to just build as much muscle as possible is drinking the best option probably not now what's realistic though what's realistic is probably that we just minimize drinking right I enjoy a good beer I enjoy a good scotch or

whiskey to act like I'm never going to drink again probably not realistic now can I monitor my drinking can I minimize it and make sure that I'm drinking socially or on occasions and it's I'm still doing the right things to make sure that I'm doing a good job to give myself the opportunity to build muscle to recover to sleep to have lower cortisol levels to keep my testosterone as testosterone e as it can no binge drinking probably not a good idea but drinking it every so often it's not going to completely derail you it's a cost it's a cost benefit analysis so if you know you're going to be getting

closer to a competition date that'd be a power that you meet whether it be a bodybuilding show probably reducing or completely eliminating alcohol is going to be in your best interest because the one thing you don't want to do is have your performance suffer because of that that alcohol will always be there I know I probably don't have a drink for six seven eight months at a time when I'm in competition prep not because I don't like alcohol but just because I know when we're talking about

caloric value there's something that's gonna give me better bang for my buck and and anecdotally I notice it when I have two or three drinks the next day I just don't look as good I just don't feel as good and when you are in a phase of you know your your your goals are really based on performance and how you look I really don't like to set myself back either physiologically or even psychologically it was just not liking how I look so that's basically where I come from and then if I know I have an

event coming up let's say I want to I know I'm going to Vegas or I know there's something going on where I'm gonna drink in excess I will intentionally change my training to really get a bunch of training in so that I can take a couple days off relax my mind go enjoy the bachelor party in Key West and not be thinking oh my gosh I'm derailing my training all right I don't need to recover I've recovered this is a couple days off mentally physically where I can just have some fun right just

because a beer says it's four or five carbs you got to look at the calories you have to look at the calorie content remember alcohol has calories your body it's not processed the same it's essentially a weak poison to your body we'll just finish this by saying if you are going to consume some alcohol don't don't say oh I only have four carbs understand that the calorie content of the drink is what you need to track because alcohol is the fourth macronutrient all right guys that's gonna be it for me today and Steven here at pro physique comm I will talk to you guys tomorrow.

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