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The BEST keto corn tortillas EVER! -

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The BEST keto corn tortillas EVER! -

Hey there it's Steve from serious Quito and in this article we are gonna make a low carb corn tortilla and you will notice I did not make air quotes when I said corn but before we do that if you enjoy low carb cooking articles product and ingredient reviews as well as lessons learned from my experiences with the ketogenic lifestyle in intermittent fasting click that subscribe button right down there while you're at it click the bell next to it so you're notified whenever I release a new article I felt it was

appropriate to wear this shirt given the article content but it's one of my old Excel shirts that actually used to be tight on me and now it's you know a circus tent one of the side effects of doing keto is you need new t-shirts if you're like me and really love Mexican food you've probably been jonesing pretty hard for a good low-carb tortilla you've probably also gotten out and seen a lot of different AnaDucha articles tried the recipes that you know said all best keto corn tortilla ever the last corn tortilla you'll ever need oMG this is totes legit keto corn tortilla and yet try it out and you're left thinking what this doesn't taste like a tortilla I've ever had so I made it my personal mission to create a corn tortilla that actually uses corn and tastes like corn and has a texture that is like a tortilla in fact maybe well I'm

gonna say it it's better than a regular corn tortilla in terms of texture because it has more pliability and flexibility so if you overfill it it's not gonna rip it rolls really well if you're making enchiladas it's a really good corn tortilla now if you've ever made homemade tortillas like masa tortillas you know there's a bit of work involved and there's gonna be a bit of work involved in this as well in fact more than just making a regular tortilla so brace yourself this isn't like making a cha 'full additionally you're gonna need some hardware you're gonna need a tortilla press you're gonna need one preferably two cast iron skillets you're gonna need a blender cookie sheet oven some of that other stuff that I kind of expect you're gonna have also and I don't want to go all serious on you here but before you

start asking questions about substitution the answer is pretty much no I worked this recipe for quite a while trying to obtain that specific taste and texture so really the only two substitutions I think you can make in this recipe are if you've got a strong aversion to pork rinds you can leave out the pork rinds it's gonna change the texture doesn't have a huge huge impact on the taste also for the fat I prefer to use pork leaf lard just to me that's more traditional when you're doing authentic Mexican if you don't have pork lard or don't want to buy it or have some objection to it and want to use a different oil I would probably recommend olive oil but aside from that the recipe is what the recipe is so let's get to making it we're gonna start with a can of baby corn now when you're purchasing this

pay close attention to the label this can right here 42 net grams of carbs in the can this can right here six net grams of carbs in the whole can so pay attention to the label drain the corn and save that corn juice we'll be using it later arrange a corn on a baking sheet lined with a silicon mat or parchment paper place in your oven on the top rack and boil on high we won our corn to get a nice golden brown roast on it so while that's going on let's prep our dry ingredients for the dry ingredients we'll start with 1/2 cup of coconut flour 2 tablespoons psyllium husk powder 1 teaspoon nutritional yeast 1/2 teaspoon taco seasoning 1/4 teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of baking powder whisk the dry ingredients together now depending on your oven it could take 15 minutes maybe even 20 to start

getting this nice golden color and carmelization on your baby corn while the corn cools down we're going to make our wet ingredients to the corn juice we say before we're gonna add 1/2 teaspoon of amaretti sweet corn extract to this we will add 1 teaspoon of cornbread extract from I don't know if it's triple o extracts or extracts but whatever that's what we're using the link will be in the description below then we'll add 1 tablespoon of pork lard which I will pop in the microwave to melt the lard add your corn and corn liquid to a blender and blend into a puree now earlier I had forgotten to add the two tablespoons of pork rind crumbs to my dry ingredients so we'll do that now and then add our corn mixture initially I mix with a spatula but once it comes together enough that it's not really sticking to

the spatula anymore I switched to using my hands the great thing about this particular dough just like masa is it doesn't really stick to your hands after mixing or kneading for a minute or two to really come together in a ball which will place in some plastic wrap and let hydrate for the next five to ten minutes while we preheat our skillets we'll set our first skillet to kind of a low-end of medium and our second skillet to kind of the medium end of low we're gonna cut the dough into eight pieces for the tortilla press I find that cutting out a square from a ziploc bag works really well roll our ball together I find making tortillas is an awful lot like parenting you need to be firm but gentle gently peel off the plastic and roll onto the griddle don't be squeamish about this if you jerk away because you're afraid

you're gonna get burnt you're gonna fold the tortilla now my cast iron is really well seasoned so I don't need to use any sort of nonstick substance after about a minute or a min and a half it should be ready to go to the second griddle another minute two minute and a half and it's ready to go onto a cooling rack now the cool thing is because of the timing of each one of these steps you can totally get an assembly-line thing going basically at all times you're making a tortilla there's one on skillet one and there's one finishing on skillet two from number two two cooling rack from 1 to 2 and from tortilla press to 1 lather rinse repeat these really have the heft and feel of a homemade masa tortilla they're very pliable they're a little flexible which is good if you overfill your tacos the way I do but

how do they taste here we go this my low-carb brothers and sisters I'm here to tell you is a real corn tortilla if you've been eating tacos in lettuce or some other bogus non tortilla wrap this is gonna be a life changer for you it is that good as for the macros on this recipe according to carb manager each tortilla has only two net grams of carbs three grams of fat two grams of protein and 67 calories now I don't want to come off as all full of myself but I think that this recipe is so good that there may be other Websites that take this and claim it as their own and I'm a relatively small and new player here in the whole low carb cooking thing so that's entirely possible I hope it doesn't I hope that if you use this recipe in a article that you'll give me some credit for it I guess you know we can always check the

time stamp the date on this article is Friday September 20th any article you see after that that has this recipe well they may have gotten it for me or maybe they just completely came up with it on their own independently that's entirely possible too so anyhow go make yourself some tortillas you're gonna love these things I can't wait to read what you think down in the comments below thanks for reading.



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