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The Booty Warm-up You NEED To Be Doing | Grow Your Glutes -

The Booty Warm-up You NEED To Be Doing | Grow Your Glutes - glute activation how often should you do glute activation exercises do glute activation exercises build muscle

The Booty Warm-up You NEED To Be Doing | Grow Your Glutes -

What's up guys welcome back to my Website and welcome back to another article this article is going to be specifically about glute activation so it's going to contain my entire glute activation routine that I do without fail at the beginning of every leg and booty day now I chatted in my leg and booty transformation article about how much glute activation has changed the game for me when it comes to leg days and just making sure that my glutes are awake and primed and ready to come and show up to the workout so I thought it'd be helpful if I actually did a specific article all about that routine all

about how I do it what it looks like and all of that stuff now glute activation alone and and a glute work isn't on its own what is gonna build your glutes what obviously is gonna build your glutes is progressively overloading on those big lifts your hip thrusts what's all of those guys which are your real tough exercises which you are progressing the waiter on you're progressively overloading and you're obviously building muscle but that being said glue activation in my opinion is still a really fundamental part of that process because it's what really wakes your glutes up so that when you go and train them and when you are then going and doing those big movements they're awake they're listening and they're ready to grow so for this workout you are going to need some resistance bands

these are my absolute favorite ones this isn't sponsored in any way shape or form i 100% party sees myself and have been using them for well over a year these are the original grace fit ones and then they rebranded to BND so I kind of have a mix of like all the new but they are all amazing and they're all different resistances I would tend to stick with kind of liked medium when I'm doing activation work and save like the extra heavy eyes for when I am either at the end of my session and I'm really trying to fatigue them or I'm trying to make things like hip dos or squats really challenging I don't tend to go extra heavy when I'm doing activation work because it's just not really the point of it when it comes to the exercises themselves because this is an activation and kind of before my main

workout itself I'm not trying to massively fatigue them I'm not trying to reach them to failure I'm just trying to get them warm get them awake and just get them where I need to come and join me ready to come and doing the party of the workout that's about to go down so you're probably notice that the sets tend to be around the to set range and in terms of reps I tend to go between 10 and 20 I do do activation work a lot on the fields as in if I'm kind of feeling it and I feel like I've reached that point where it's maybe getting a little bit too tough I'm getting a little bit too fatigued I just call it that you might need to do less reps you might need to do more reps just go with what feels right for you and what gets you feeling ready awake and good to go that being said you'll also notice that I am at home

and that I'm not using any other equipment except the band's themselves so this can also be done as a workout in itself if you don't want to do it as kind of a primer before you're lifting session if you are working out at home or maybe you're in some fancy hotel room somewhere and you just need to do something quick short and which is gonna set that peach on fire feel free to add some more steps to this so that you can do it as a full workout and just try and work them a little bit harder without being said I think we're ready let's get going and let's get into the workout so first up I'm starting with some kneeling thrusts so I'm going to be doing two sets of around 15 to 20 of these I've put the band just above my knees and I am basically going up and down in a thrusting movement at the top of this

movement I am really trying to squeeze my glutes so you can see I'm doing these nice and slow nice and controlled and I'm really really trying to contract my glutes at the top of the movement so work your way through these add more reps if you need to reduce them slightly if you need to but just work through them nice and slow next up we have standing kickbacks now you can see I've put the band just around my ankles and I'm actually using a lighter resistance band just to give me a slightly better range of motion you'll notice that the range of motion on these isn't huge this is intentional and I find this variation really helps me target and engage my glutes better then when I'm swinging my leg back quite high so you can see that I'm pulsing it back really intentionally and really squeezing

and moving from my glutes so this isn't a big movement you can see that the rest of my body is staying nice and still nice and controlled and I'm really pushing back from my glutes pulsing it and squeezing it at the top of the movement and just working my way through these I'm gonna do 10 on each leg and I'm going to go through that twice but feel free to adapt as you need to next up we have donkey kicks now you can do this with or without the band I'm continuing to use the band here but if you find it too tough with a band then definitely go without you can see that my rep range is pretty small on these that's because personally I find these really challenging and I don't feel like I need to do any higher than kind of five each side but I've put five to ten because sometimes if I'm feeling it I

can definitely do a couple more so you can see I'm literally just hiking my leg up back behind me and I'm really trying to squeeze my glue at the top of the movement as I've been doing with every movement so far next up I am doing two variations of an abduction back to back so I'm starting on my back as you just saw and doing ten reps there then I'm sitting straight up like I am now and doing ten reps here I'm gonna do this twice through so I'm gonna lay back down and do my second set of ten reps here and sit back up again after I've done those I absolutely love switching position like this and doing a series of reps one way and then a series of reps another way just because I feel it really helps target my glutes from different angles and yeah I love this one last but definitely not least the

glute bridge this one is a classic it is just a staple so you can see that I've popped the band just above my knees and I'm just performing some normal glute bridges you can see that I'm doing them quite intentionally and quite controlled and again I'm trying to really squeeze my glutes at the top of the movement this one is a great exercise I absolutely love it and I feel like you get great isolation and engagement in your glutes so definitely make sure you incorporate this one alright guys I hope you enjoyed the workout I hope that if you have done it and incorporated it into your leg days that it has helped let me know below if it has let me know how you find it all of that stuff because I love to know and whilst you there hit like and subscribe because it does help support my Website and that's

about it really come say hello to Instagram because there is stuff there every single day and make sure you go watch that other article where I was kind of talking about my full leg and booty journey in more detail because that's a goody there's a lot more juicy stuff in that so maybe go hit that one next.

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