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The Worst Keto Friendly Low Carb Foods -

The Worst Keto Friendly Low Carb Foods -

The Worst Keto Friendly Low Carb Foods -

So today let's talk about the worst keto friendly low carb foods now when we talk about keto friendly we're really talking about low carb but just because something is low-carb doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy so let's go down the list and we'll chat about each one first one is soy protein isolate it's 

one of the worst proteins very low fat high concentrated protein very damaging to the liver it's going to be GMO okay so it's gonna have glyphosate but I've had quite a few people come in the office after consuming this type of protein with a lot of gallbladder and liver problems so it's not a high quality protein it's very very cheap it's in a lot of keto friendly foods it's in a lot of those breakfast bars and protein bars and even in certain diets use this as their protein mixture then we have casein this is milk

protein so first of all you're rarely if ever gonna find a grass-fed version of casein it's usually from cows that consume grains that were GMO so on the insulin index which are non carbohydrate type foods like protein for example this would be a lot higher because when you have a low fat protein it can spike insulin a lot more next thing is Multi tall this is a sugar alcohol that seems to create the most digestive problems you see it in a lot of sugar-free candy sugar-free chocolate especially for

diabetics but it's pretty high on the glycemic index it's like 50 something next thing this aspartame you know about that that interferes with your gut flora there's been some studies that show that it can increase insulin resistance even though it's sugar-free processed jeans okay that you would get at certain restaurants quite a few of the cheeses that you see on the aisle of the grocery store or processed not healthy they come from milk and cows that are not going to be grass-fed you have to

go to a healthy store to get high quality cheese and the stuff that I like is the grass-fed or anok especially cheese from Europe next seeing is the processed meats now realize that pretty much all meats are processed but I'm talking about the ones that you'd get at the grocery store which are common commercial processed meats like the lunch meats hot dogs bacon the deli meats the sausage from animals that are factory farmed a lot of preservatives nitrates you want to do organic meats

meats without hormones grass fed rancid nuts let's say for example you have some peanuts or walnuts have been sitting in your cabinet for a very long time and when you consume them they're very rancid not very healthy because the omega-6 fatty acids which are very unstable oxidized and you don't you don't want to consume those next thing is margarine well it's keto friendly it's low carb right when they did studies and epilepsy for children one of the fats that they used was margarine yeah it

induces ketosis but it's not very healthy and just to point out the benefit of lowering your carbs is huge because it's gonna lower insulin and most people have high insulin but why not take it to the next level and use ingredients that are quality iceberg lettuce I thing about that is just basically it's empty there's not much nutrition 1/2 of a cup of kale equals 10 cups of iceberg lettuce so you'd have to consume a tremendous amount of it to get anything at all and then you have doing what's called

dirty Quito where you're going to a fast-food restaurant and you're ordering the meat without the bun for example well when you consume that meat or the chicken it is low carb it's protein but those animals are fed a lot of GMO grains so you're not getting the quality pork rinds now make sure you don't get the version that has the msg if you can get pork rinds without a mystery it's a lot better but monosodium glutamate has the ability to spike insulin by 300% then we have vegetable oils okay

which are not really vegetable oils they're seed oils an average American will consume six and a half liters or 11 pints of cooking oil per person every single year that's a lot of GMO oils I'm talking about soy oil corn oil cottonseed oil canola their GMO very inflammatory there's some links to insulin resistance and we're consuming tremendous amounts versus in the past we consume a lot more saturated fats now we switch to unsaturated fats they're not healthier but they're keto friendly okay

then we have corn fiber it could be non-gmo I don't know but I have found that it does create a lot of bloating in people so I don't like this ingredient right here and again I don't even know the quality of corn that they use so it's kind of a mystery and it's very hard to find out the ingredients within this and how they process it kind of a secret thing and then we have farm-raised fish in factory from meats the main thing is what they feed these animals they're feeding them GMO grains unfortunately and other

things for another article a lot of times you're gonna see low fat dairy as being in GML but of course it's not going to be on the label so it's not non-gmo so there's probably gonna be some glyphosate which is herbicide in there now the thing is that on the insulin index the lower fat you go with the protein the higher you spike insulin so you don't want to do the low fat dairy you don't want to do the egg whites you want to do the whole egg you want to do dairy with the whole milk just make sure it's

quality all right guys there's a list and I'll see you in the next article if you're liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future articles.

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