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To refresh your makeup cabinet the coolest Fall beauty products -

To refresh your makeup cabinet the coolest Fall beauty products -

To refresh your makeup cabinet the coolest Fall beauty products -

I'm here to fill your makeup bag with the latest goodie so here at the beauty launches that are hot hot hot is dave lacking hey what did you bring with the hottest fragrance launch right now Gucci has launched a blockbuster called memoir this is Alessandra Michelle the creative director you may have

seen the ad campaign Harry Styles is in a whole 70s vibe to it yeah he Alessandra has created a new category of fragrance called mineral aromatic and I'm gonna let you actually sort of smell it it's got chamomile Roman chamomile it's got coral jasmine it's got Musk's in it tanea smells very Italian like it's good like this is this for women or men or both so he's very much smells like a man to me that's really great so this is what you want to you want to spritz on your skin for 20 minutes before you

decide so anyways you want to let it sit for a little bit good now the next one up is from vulgar ear omen jeweler they actually have hotels as well okay the fragrance the flower in this is so sexy than in Victorian times unmarried women weren't allowed to smell it because it was believed that it would cause them to do outrageous things give it to me yes this is called tuberose mystique so it's tuberose it's got a bit of vanilla in it I don't get it so so if Tracy takes off her dress and you know goes running

through the street no control okay so that's from boogery brand-new really nice this is gorgeous I thought this is from Dior and this is their powerful look their power look collection and if you're not dating for fall you're gonna want some grays and some plum eye shadows and colors that will update really easily there's some beautiful colors if you've never tried D or I think this is great this is their rouge graphics and this is a jumbo lip pencil not only if you're new to that this is a great pigment

great color and this is so new for them it's super easy to apply so thank yous yes so again brand-new for them now this is interesting philosophy is a skincare brand purity the cleanser is my favorite product but they have a brand-new post acne serum so if you've gotten acne and sometimes you'll have bumps scars this will treat it and what you'll want to do is if you're doing an anti acne you know skincare regime try and stick to one brand because the formulas and the the concentrations are all

carefully to work all together they're carefully measured to work together but I think this is really good it's got a Daisy brightening complex in it I really like that philosophy is amazing for skin care I really like that the skin yeah from Carolina Herrera good girl Karlie Kloss is the model and they've come up with this collector bottle with all kinds of dots and dots were a motif in Carolina herrera's fashion from the very very beginning so she's kind of known for her dots this is a sexy oriental it's got

two boroughs in it as well too so Tracy we're gonna keep that away from you for right now a good idea this is from Lancome they're maxi mister big eye palettes like Valentine's it comes in three different looks and they've organized it so it's so easy to use you just use the colors that have been created together they work together I like these because they work really well as gifts so if you see these they work for anything you know I picked them up put them aside yeah and then you know

when someone comes to your desk and says that it's their anniversary yeah then you've all I've got it right here at have a heart good idea you know city light viewers on social media on Twitter love the Elizabeth Arden ceremony it's right so they've got the regular one they've got the retinal one now vitamin C usually you use vitamin C in the morning yeah brightens and then you use retinol at night that's kind of how you do it and get your sunscreen it's all about the medicine all properties of a lot of

these skin care products now and I love that you're seeing that so you can have the beauty but you also have the preventative measures absolutely as well always looking for really great gift with purchase item look at how great this backpack is from me squared yeah so it's free if you buy a large D squared would fragrance for him or her great there's a giuse Kat Von D has brand new liquid foundation that good make out she's got great Nate gossip at Sephora and again like look at the lid

here you can sort of see it's like a little tattoo and you sort of squeeze it out what's interesting about it medium coverage but the pigments have elastic centers in them so it doesn't settle into fine lines on the skin so it kind of bounces so you never get that cake you don't get that settles in yep and a great shade range lovelies a brand new for that sOooo sue is a Korean luxury skincare brand it's top rated it sells incredibly well and they're really known for an extract out of red pine that's found in Korea okay

and again this is their time treasure ice serum and it comes with Tracy a 24 karat gold applicator Oh so again they're all about precise applications they're about how you know how to work it and I like the trend a lot can I wear this is an area you should have yeah to be in your collection that's right anybody who wants to know the stories behind the fragrances that we show on City lime this is from Michael Edwards perfume legends too and what's great about it he's really the authority in the world

on fragrance he talks to all the perfumers and they talk candidly about the stories about making it so you get the real glycine yeah I always think it's great to know about the fragrance that you're buying get the stories and how they were made also a great gift for the Beauty file in your life do you love your table yeah it's a great gift this is from show part Swiss Oats luxury brand and they're known for the Khan film festival they do the big party so when you're there Tracy you consider them oh yeah I

know the perfumer who did this this is Dora beggary she lives in Paris and there's three fragrances the lemon Dolch is the one you want to try and it every single ingredient in it was chosen to make you feel happy and joyful so she really took care into finding the right one so this one mint and cucumber and lemon and it's amazing we could all use help with that we do right yeah uplifting a little bit here's something for skin care if you're looking for skin care that helps with slackening if you want to have

a more firmer skin texture that kind of thing we've got new expert creams from girl and I know you like girl in a day a Royale it's got black bee technology and again what's great about it is as you get older sometimes your skin changes and you get breakouts and things will get oily this really helps to keep it all balanced and keep it all you know it is it is brand-new fragrance from Lancome called Dido a fresh floral it's got rose it's the world's thinnest perfume bottle look at this isn't that great it's so

refillable and many bought many instances it's meant to sit on your vanity so again and it was created by three female perfumers in three different continents yes really beautifully done you always think well they thought of it all and then and last but not least we have brand-new Dior lip sticks we've got Rouge Dior Ultra care it comes in a liquid foundation and it comes in a stick and it's the first lipstick that has flower oil in it flower infusion again nourishing and you can see the little CD here nice on

the package you can see that's where the flower oil is and the nourishing ingredients so again more like a balm comforting soothing yeah but great color yeah great color and great for the lips you bring the best of the best.



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