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TRT & WOMEN, IS IT SAFE AND CAN THEY BENEFIT FROM IT? - once you start testosterone therapy can you stop? testosterone therapy side effects testosterone injections testosterone replacement therapy testosterone pills testosterone replacement therapy dosage testosterone replacement therapy cost testosterone replacement therapy reviews


You you well it's about time I know I got one from a leader you wanted one why don't we get more from the women I don't know if you're shy so this is from is this from Len or Tracey Watson do you have a copy this there's two names here anyway it says good morning I'm a fifty year old IFBB bikini competitor my last show was June of this year it was a seamless prep I used an ax bar slash glencliff Bureau prior to my show which I've done in the past as well I recently started taking testosterone appropriate due to menopausal symptoms 80 AD cc's per week I can't be right No maybe maybe that's point eight yeah but then it says

Monday Wednesday Friday yeah I could be right the menopausal symptoms have diminished but I've gained weight five pounds in two weeks to be exact that's a bit much my question is should I be taking tests often appropriate or another form of testosterone how much best regards Lyn then there's a line Tracey Watson so maybe anyway it's a girl great question thank you yes thank you for chiming in the issue may be too full or three even although this was submitted when did you get this question a few weeks ago so long past June yeah there's always a bounce-back ya show you know just just some water the glycogen go to the muscle brain out of it but if it's just been from the appropriate

which we can assume then yes possible for a couple reasons one of which you just mentioned the prior question about conversion and estrogen so you know if she hasn't been using this and remember the animart does not convert to estrogen so whether you've been using and it doesn't say here anavar to date as hormone replacement therapy and then also used it for the show and a higher dose or not or you only use it during the show you've never seen what reg you testosterone can do one that can convert in other words an estrogen and now you're seeing that it could be because of the dose for you it could be that you are converting more than most to Astra Jen again I'd have to ask more questions and but I can ask them you know I have you always been after genic do you tend to carry weight

around the hips rather than around the midsection is kind of a loose gauge very loose well we could we could see that based upon the numbers I'm not sure we're gonna see that based upon the numbers at fifty years old but we might have data from earlier lab drawers that shows those assays and we can draw conclusions based on number of different factors but it doesn't surprise me how much does that 5 pounds though is muscle versus fat and/or water weight again the water weight being secondary to the estrogen increase estrogen pretty excess estrogen tends to make you hold water so that's where I'm going with that but yeah and again I said earlier 5 pounds of 2 weeks if we assume that it wasn't you know the time of day you measured on one versus the other and after eating something that'd be a

pretty pretty big job of course she also doesn't say if she's you know 120 pounds or 90 pounds or 225 yeah so maybe it's not such a big well bikini she can't be that big what's the biggest you could be well anyway you get my point I don't mean to make too many assumptions everybody but I am risking too much of an assumption here I guess but anyway it seems to be too much for her so let's assume it is to my right I don't like to use appropriate aid there's a legend about procreate and suspension that holds us water as far as I know the reason for holding water is excess estrogen there's also some water that's going to be retained a little bit of a bump and aldosterone can help you hold some sodium but it's usually negligible but it would have it would be the same what I'm trying to say is would be the same

per person whatever ester you're using but again there's legend that you always want to use a shorter acting testosterone as the show grows near right I can't think of anything to support that as a matter of fact I can argue against that when I see big swings in testosterone like with people who use creams and gels I see a bigger swing in the dihydrotestosterone and the estrogen because you've got this huge peak and then a trough body does not like those big swings like that especially because you're dosing yourself and let's say for a male 200 milligrams for female 20 milligrams in a gel cream form well then you're going outside the range you've got this big spike outside the range the farther you get outside that what we call homeless attic or normal range the more the body ovary acts so you're

gonna have more of this excess estrogen which is create going to create more of the watery tension that they're trying to avoid not less of it so I sent a huge that's a huge everybody every Pro I know I always did that appropriate right before it I'll do it and though I will say that if there are successions obviously there are some that swear look me in the eye and tell me ran I'm just telling you man when I use sippy Nate I can't use sipping aid it bloats me I switched to an ante which is one carbon different Dave okay and man the water goes away okay well I'm not gonna argue and I'm not saying that I I really I don't doubt that one person but I doubt all of them in an attribute you know there's just too many of them telling me that and I just I can't see the physiology behind it yeah it doesn't make sense

to me one carbon difference and you know like it's a little different position I mean it's just not gonna make that big a difference and neither would appropriate although I again there are some that I gotta believe it must whatever the mechanism is it does make a difference to them something we haven't studied yet or don't know about I don't know but again an aggregate no not that means some of its just placebo or made-up or just something else is going on we don't know yet so to get to the question that she asked here I recommend sippy Nate why other than undec and no.8 which is as of i want to say two years ago now been introduced in the united states it's the longest acting ester available to us it's just a pain in the rear to get hold up I had a fella fly all the way from Texas because I would prescribe

it for him instead of his sippy Nate I think it was and we went through all the hoops I can go through and it was impossible to get who did that guy no no I'm sorry undec and no wait testosterone on deck you know it's no longer much it's the longest lasting ester that I'm aware of I see fur that we can get tested on they made too many rules to get it such that good luck finding a source for it none of our compounders will do it and you know go to a Rite Aid Eckhart CBS save on whatever it is you can't find it because it's just they they created too much of a headache to get right and they have this disclaimer that you have a higher chance of embolism well why would that ester make any difference than the others it's and so that scares away doctors I think and so anyway it's Sippy Nate is the longest

lasting practical Esther available in the United States it has depending what study read an eight-day half-life as opposed to an Anthony depending what study reads seven-day half-life used to be I'd recommend Sippy Nate just because it was way cheaper than an ante in that what I mean you know on top of everything else but they're all pretty similar now in terms of cost although appropriate ends up costing more money sipping in an ante I think are about the same in terms of cost and you know it's in one day difference doesn't make that much difference but and the way they made an ante back then used to you know whatever excipient they were using or you know sodium benzoate or benzyl alcohol whatever was tended to hurt more like propionate does things yeah it stings when you put the

appropriate in so again all all avenues lead to my answer being I would recommend sipping ace is easier and once a week tends to work just fine for females too just like with males you don't have to divide the dose necessarily one make sure I answered her as best the cake because we finally got female a question here do I miss anything oh and how much so I think I said earlier you can get 20 milligram per ml compounded 50 milligram per ml compounded and I recommend 20 milligrams per week one ml of the 20 Magor you know point for MLS of the 50 milligram and that tends to put females in the sweet spot for the week now you're gonna have the same peaks and troughs in tighter during the week but you know the average is going to be a free tea somewhere around maybe three-

point-eight 24.2 depending on the individual but I'm saying average and you know at the top of the range of so-called normal but optimum is what I found that usually works pretty well we've talked about this before though I hope with females what's interesting about replacement therapy is to get that free testosterone to that sweet spot we'll call something around 4 P grams per milliliter you're gonna see a total tea that's gonna send a primary care physician not familiar with this through the roof and just some observers you know patients in other words that are going oh my god what's going on there I ran they'll see you know the top of the range depending on the the laboratory is somewhere around we'll call it 48 nanograms per deciliter you'll have to get to at least three times that upper limit

of normal at least to get to a free tea of the upper limit of normal again about 4p grasp earlier that scares a lot of people and we don't know why that is and so sometimes you'll see a total and dependent upon when they do their last injection which was sipping eight on average will be about two and a half days after your injection you'll see a peak and you might see a you know 250 milligrams Romila milliliter you know the doc or the female is going oh my god what's going on here hold on first of all that's the peak yeah but the you know and then the same thing applies for females is for males the therapeutic level is what you're shooting to get above it doesn't really matter how far you go above in replacement level terms I'm not talking about crazy you know using a male dose for

a female I'm talking about just you know you're gonna have that that that time period that that peak that goes a little bit wonky if you will for most eyes that haven't seen it before where you're going you know three four or five times the upper limit of normal for the total but the free and the free might bump a little bit above but for the weak just like with males the average will be at that sweet spot or above that therapeutic target and that's what you want to do as they sit with males to I think I've said this before you're not necessarily looking for a sweet spot like you would with thyroid where you know it's got to be above too low and it's got to be below below too much with testosterone replacement therapy it's got to be above that therapeutic level or not it won't work in other words

right so with with females and you know to set the record straight when it comes to free tea which is a better gauge to use than total tea which I used earlier for the example from back in the 1950s a nun announcement deciliter for males for females you're probably talking about you know a minimum of 150 milligrams per deciliter of total tea which again freaks people out don't but a free tea you're shooting for about four and for males just because we didn't mention it before well you know 28 to 32 just you know again these are just numbers but that's usually equilibrate Stu you know clinical benefit so I get everything in there for the females I don't phone all right or female questions okay I mean movies that one first you.




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