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What I Eat In A Day (how i got my abs) - Anaducha.com

What I Eat In A Day (how i got my abs) - Anaducha.com

What I Eat In A Day (how i got my abs) - Anaducha.com

Good morning guys it is currently 736 in the morning and I decided I'm gonna do a what I eat in a day article like a full day of eating I'm gonna start with breakfast for breakfast I'm gonna be doing a cereal like healthy Bowl I'm craving cereal but I want to pack in some nutrients to make it like more

healthy so the cereal that I have is the Cascadian farm organic honey oat Crunch cereal the ingredients are pretty clean tastes like honey bunches of oats it's like the healthier version of it as for like nutrition and seeds I'm gonna do some pumpkin seeds probably about a spoonful of chia seeds and some hemp hearts for added protein and then I'm gonna add some fruit I'm gonna do some blackberries raspberries some banana and then I'm gonna top it off with this Trader Joe's almond

beverage it's just almond milk it's like the one with like nothing added to it it's just pure almond milk so I'm gonna go ahead and make this for my breakfast so I just got back from yoga and I'm going to make myself some tuna avocado toast it is so good it's a really good source of like protein healthy fats and good carbs I have some canned tuna this is the wild selections canned tuna so it's like a wild caught tuna and I think they put it either in olive oil or just regular water and I don't have the can of

thing but I'll pop it on the screen for you guys if you guys want to see the brand that I use and then I have an avocado I use this organic flourless sprouted wheat berry bread from Trader Joe's the ingredients are so much better than like regular bread like lots of different whole grains and then I also I'm using the Himalayan sea salt from Trader Joe's as well as the ground black pepper so it is currently at 232 I first to tell you guys I had lunch the tuna toast around noon and I honestly get so

hungry throughout the day I'm a huge huge snacker I'm gonna snack on this dried mango you want to make sure that you're getting the dried mango and not the freeze dried coz freeze dried I don't personally like I always be like this to make sure that the mango is soft because I like like the soft dried fruit and the ingredients of this is literally just straight-up mango you can get this at Trader Joe's and I get this type of mango I don't know how to pronounce that what it is whatever it's delicious they

taste like gummy bears it looks not appetizing but I'm telling you guys they're so sweet and they're so good literally so god I probably gonna get this whole bag it is currently 3:30 I had the rest of those mangoes and I'm gonna do a protein shake right now for like a little afternoon pick-me-up I'll show you guys when I put in it I do the Vega one organic all-in-one shake in the flavor chocolate it has 500 milligrams of omega-3 four grams of fiber 50% of your daily vitamins tons of greens protein and 20

grams vitamins A and C antioxidants 2 billion probiotics 150 calories and only one gram of sugar this stuff literally is so good it's like pretty much the only protein I'll ever drink I also throw in a whole bunch of spinach I get the organic triple washed spinach because I don't like washing my vegetables and then I have half of a frozen banana I do a mixture of coconut water and almond milk it is currently 641 I'm gonna make some dinner I'm gonna make a healthy lean protein dinner so I have

some wild caught Alaskan salmon and I tried to make the lemons look pretty but they look like because my knife stuck I'm gonna drizzle some olive oil on top and then add some salt pepper and I'm gonna toss this in the oven for about it says let's see I don't even know four to six minutes per half-inch I'm gonna try six minutes so here's the finished product the salmon is here I ended up steaming some broccoli and putting a little bit of pepper on it I'm also gonna add a little side salad so

I just have spring mix not too much and then I'm gonna be using this Newman's Own olive oil and vinegar dressing and just sprinkling a little bit on top of the salad so that is going to be my dinner looks pretty delicious I always end the night with some dessert I really really loved anything sweet can just live off sweets and I'll be fine I'm going to do some halo top this is kind of like a healthier dessert because halo top is made with like protein powder I think and like eggs and it's like way low

sugar so I think they use stevia leaf yeah they use stevia um but it doesn't taste like stevia it really tastes really good my favorite is the chocolate and then the candy bar flavor the candy bar flavor literally tastes like a Snickers the whole pint is only 280 calories so whatever number you see at the top of the halo top is gonna be how many calories you have like in the whole entire carton we also try the red velvet that one is really good because it has like chunks of fudge in it so I just put like half the

carton because it's healthy right so much ice cream and then I do oh my god that tastes like vanilla pudding that's so good I'm gonna put a scoop of peanut butter this peanut butter is literally just organic Valencia peanuts that's the only ingredients in this peanut butter I'm gonna put a hefty spoon like that much glob into there and just mix it up on this type of person that likes melted ice cream officially watering this is the final product looks pretty damn good and that's pretty much the end of

my night so that's my wedding in a day article if you guys liked this style article definitely give it a thumbs up you guys were the ones who requested this so I'm assuming that you guys really wanted this I think it's really fun and inspiring to watch these kind of articles so mmm so good thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys all in a future article.



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