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Boom By Cindy Joseph Makeup An Honest Review -

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Boom By Cindy Joseph Makeup An Honest Review -

Hey y'all how's everybody doing well I'm fixing to do as you can see in the title a honest review of boon cosmetics now I've done this before and was accused of having makeup on my face and I think I did I think I had some what I have I guess I had some lip products I may have had some eye product on and so they said it's not an honest review that is not what these products are but I'm going to give an honest review yourself bloom Cosmetics was made by a beautiful supermodel in Cyndi Jesus and she was notice actually in her older age I think getting out of a taxi a Ford Model Scout saw her and um so she knows Beauty she's done makeup artistry and she's been a model herself in her older age so um I'll put a link below to her so you can check her out but anyway this is what you get in a little

jewelry pouch like this which is just a way to keep the pet the little packages together and what they are is like little Roland and there's three of them and I'll show you each one there's one that's called boomstick these are called boon sticks you can also buy the crane but the boon sticks are great for having because they're little compact sticks you can keep in your purse with you this is boom stick glitter then stick color and boom stick globe now all of these look exactly the same so but if you keep them in your little pouch they don't roll around in your purse and the names on the bottom are different colors my arms hurt and sorry oh so you can see their names of red glow and I mean the like of silver and black so you can see them that way so you might want to set them up like that in the pouch so you can see which is which so the first thing that you would use is the glow the glow serves

as a moisturizer and I'm going a link below the website that gives you all information on there so that you can get all the claims from her I'm not going to even do it because I believe it's on that course will be very good for you and for the aging women is what I think they promote it towards but to me this would be a also bad for a very young skin person who doesn't like a lot of makeup like your preteens and teens that you get basically a moisturizer of glow and a little bit of color and that's it as you get older there's things like age spots to cover so and as you get in your mid years there's things like you know acne and things like that to cover so I would think this is good for an aging person as it would be for a very young person the first thing you do is just put this on the areas that you need extra moisture you know this right you brow wrinkles crow's feet maybe even under the eyes just

keep it very low down to the bag level you can patent what we call the Bulldog whatever you call that wears it drops right there well or in Fault on either side of your mouth and right over your mouth where they used to call them smokers wrinkles but you can get these what do you smoke or not just want completel things from doing this but maybe it's you different so much but anyway and then also I also like back here where you get you know a lot of age spots I think you might need some extra moisture so that's where I put it but here's the good news you can also because it's doesn't go in your mouth your eyes or anywhere you can use this besides on your face and not feel unhygenic so you can use this on like a rough cuticle you can use this across your knuckles because you know how you need extra of moisture right there like it never seems to get in there you can use it across there you

can use it across the knuckles I happen to have one little light coats I guess there and they're from writing over the years and so it's a little tougher and I put it on that and what it is is it's just a moisturizer so you just rub it in and literally as you rub it in you can feel the moisturizing effect I have to say that it is just you can feel the moisturizing effect of this progress definitely feel moisture so as you rub up our office you see is our about my face is getting red you're bringing the blood to your skin so you don't rub lightly when you're doing this you rub kind of roughly and you know people say don't you're going to call it wrinkles not what causes wrinkles aging causes wrinkles and too much ultraviolet really is like being in the Sun or whatever being in a tanning bed or you know and sometimes it's just hereditary so I mean rubbing your skin out if you've ever seen some makeup

artists they will literally take their finger light and just real hard give it a good hard push in because what you're doing is you're pushing out some of the toxins underneath the skin number one and number two you're really pushing the skin you want to rejuvenate the skin and one of the ways that you do that is rough it up a little bit why do you think when you've got exfoliator they've got little pieces of salt or sugar or you know micro sized pearl or whatever it is it's got to be roughed up a little bit in order to slough off old dead skin cells which of course makes room for new ones so and I'm just going to the rest of what's left over never wasted what's left over I rub down my neck and you can of course go down your neck I move on to our next product so that is boom stick glow now boom stick color is what you would use for any kind of contouring at all so you would use the four lips look at

the difference it makes okay so that's without any other kind of makeup you can use this for blush bronzer you can use this for contour which you know I will also do under here have a little bit there I'm proud of it I never did so and you can just use your hands to blend this in and the cool thing about this is that would come all the way into the front of the cheek with this product because it looks like a real blush that I mean an actual like you're blushing I put it also in the bridge of the nose I would smooth this and the crease out maybe even down on to the lid make sure you blend it right at the edge now look at the difference with them without no blend this on the chin and all this does is kind of disguised this a little fatty underneath here kind of downs plays it and I think she even puts it back here Cindy does and she is a professional so we should be doing that and I'm coming all the way into

the cheek because it looks like a real like your really truly blushing and again I'm going to smooth this color right here out and I'm basically putting it in the crease and then across the lid and then I'm getting rid of it on this edge over there so basically what it does is it just gives you a little color you can see I think that probably be best little color on lonely little color on the bridge of the nose do a little on the temples you know to give you a and right at the hairline I have bangs and I don't overdo that but and then you can tell more and more down here so I'm now I'm going to move on to last product which is a glitter since the glitter and this is a highlighting product so what can you do with this obviously where would you put highlight well you'd put it under the brow see now look how they look like highlight and color you can put it down the center of the nose and on the end Cupid's bow

looks like a little bit of the head on there right here not on the crow's feet but right below it and maybe right on the chin and what is this ooh why it does like any highlighter highlights it doesn't overdo it doesn't under do it it's a good little highlighter now I am finished so for it for anyone wants to know what does it look like I did not even have on a primer I did not have on a moisturizer because I used the glow stick as a mouth on my moisturizer I did not use any eye product whatsoever as far as liners or mascaras I did not use blushes or bronzers I did not use any concealer and so if that's a look you want to go for it no kidding I think this would be fantastic product for a teenager because they don't have a lot of preteens that don't have a lot of acne and don't need a lot of concealing and if you don't have really dark circles under your eyes this will be fantastic if you are an

elderly person or an aging person that you don't want a lot of base you don't care about trying to cover up your wrinkles you're saying hey look these are my my rewards for aging I'm aging I've made it then don't let it bother you that you don't have perfection of the faces what you do look like you have is moisture and color and that is what I believe her products are designed to do so again first of all you have to understand what are the boom stick products glow glitter and color they're meant for ease they're meant for a basic moist useful but not hiding imperfections so I think that is the plus of this product the downside of the product would be she needs a concealer of some sort except I don't think that's the strategy behind the line I actually have two zits that I'm very proud of because as you get older y'all you never get minutes so I got one there and there and I would need to color them also

concealing my under eye circles mine are not for rific but they are there and then also I think she had to come out with some kind of either curling mascara or some sort of an eye liner but again that's not what she's trying to do with these products she's trying to say go with the basics so therefore again I think this would be great for preteen teen if you don't have acne and don't need coverage aging if you just love a really natural look if you're not aging as you get older makeup becomes harder and harder I honestly believe that just because there's more that you have to do you have to you know cover wrinkles and fill in and prom and in conceal and what she's basically saying is just let what you are glow and you see simple products very easy to keep up with and let them do the job for you and so that is my honest what it is and what it's not I think it's a very positive product I think it's for certain

kinds of people who either like all-natural or just have decided they're not going to do to try to make their skin look like a the cover of a magazine and perfection so but remember the lady who did this is a model and she's just about perfect so anyway hope you guys enjoyed this review and I hope it's good honest review and I'll see you again soon bye.



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