Focus Fitness Total Body Workout + Weight Loss Tips!! Fat Burning Fitness Routine for Beginners, Home Exercise - AnaDucha - AnaDucha

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Focus Fitness Total Body Workout + Weight Loss Tips!! Fat Burning Fitness Routine for Beginners, Home Exercise - AnaDucha

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Focus Fitness Total Body Workout + Weight Loss Tips!! Fat Burning Fitness Routine for Beginners, Home Exercise - AnaDucha

Hello my friends and welcome to psyche truth sanella here today I'm super excited because I'm going to be sharing some of my awesome tips to how to lose weight and stay consistent and we are going to be doing an awesome workout on how to burn the fat and burn calories and and just kick some butt so let's go ahead and begin alright so the first exercise is going to be we're going to need one of these chairs now of course if you find yourself you can find a chair that's low enough for your squats don't worry about it you can do it without it okay so in our squats make sure you have your legs a little bit more hip apart push your hips back make sure the knees don't go past your toes so that way there's no injuries on your knees no pressure there so we're going to go ahead and just tap the chair if you have

a chair and come up push from your heel up so you can really feel that engagement in your glutes as well as you work in your your inner thighs your thighs pretty much your entire body keeping your core really strong here and things like that let's go ahead and do three more here of squats just like that right one more perfect and then you're going to come back to this Center here alright now we're going to go ahead and do that side kick here just like that making sure keeping your left knee gently bent it so there's no pressure on that side just like that you know when we are trying to lose weight guys it's really important to be active and stay active and be consistent with it another thing is always finding activities that you can do possibly around your house finding activities that you can do with your family that really always help a lot let's go ahead and switch sides especially it's a little bit so I'm

good good just like that so if you don't have the time to work out and things like that if you have the activities to do with your family or friends um that by day it's going to help to keep the body moving and and keeping the activities always in your lifestyle in your body and things like that okay let's do two more here well I am already feeling it beautiful shake it off a little bit take a gentle breath and then gently we're going to go ahead and come down and this is your mountain climbers we're going to do a beginner mountain climbers keeping your core really tight make sure your arm figures I equally spread apart here nice strong shoulders strong core here breathe whew beautiful alright three more here and oh my gosh hold it breathe beautiful and from here we're going to take a 15 second rest but in another tip guys is when you are going to grocery shopping make sure you find a furnace

parking spot away from the store don't try to do a lazy way find the closest to the store right in order for us to really move the body and stay active you got to do little things and they do make a difference I promise you they really do especially when you know that day you will not have the time to go work out so by going a grocery store find a farthest parking space to park right that's going to really help you stay on top of your activities moving the body always alright let's come back up let's bring my chair over here again remember if you don't have the chair it's no big deal and go ahead and let's begin in those quads now take your time here breed and you don't have to go in my pace if you feel like I'm going too fast or too slow go in your own pace listen to your body okay that's really good whew and another tip I want to share with you guys is anytime when you're about to have a dinner or

have a lunch right and this is something that I personally have used over the years is I always have a nice sized cup of water so it keeps my belly fuller and I don't have to eat as much it works I promised you try it leave your comments below let me know another thing you can use is this thing called QV a great way to stay active while you sitting down and keeping the body moving it will definitely help you a lot you guys it's pretty hardcore I like it it gets your heart rate going and things like that I had my girlfriend while ago do it for like 15 minutes and man she was like out of the breath she was sweaty I was like yep it works so perfect and you can also link the Kyuubi to your app and it will keep the track all the activities that you've just done and it will give you a sack number it's pretty badass yep let's do two more here almost there one more whoo all right let's come back down among

climbers here whoo here he goes and go ahead let's begin keep your core tight here breathe try not to complicate things for yourself when you're in a journey of you know losing weight getting your body in shape and things like that especially at the beginning and another thing is guys you know place your bad snacks with your healthy snacks you know when you go grocery shopping find something that's going to be healthy nutritional and tasty for you whew almost there two more and last one oh let's go ahead and take a little break as you can see I am already sweating Wow oh let's take a deep breath here all right and another tip you guys I'm going to just keep throwing at you these tips is if you work in an office building or have a building that has stairs and an elevator instead of taking the elevator challenge yourself take the stairs okay that right there it's going to help you so much I know

it does help to me I have a sister who works like 50 hours a week in an office and you know she too used to do it all the time take the elevators until now she's like you know what forget about it I'm just gonna start taking the stairs and that really helps to you know keep the body moving keep the metabolism going and at least you're doing some sort of activities versus nothing at all right all right let's come back up whoo all right egos let's bring this guy over here and let's begin with those squats and doing squats you guys we are using some of the biggest muscles in our body your quads your glutes and that right there it's going to force the body to work harder it will require to use a lot more energy and that all transforms into burning more calories right as you can see I'm like out on my breath every time I start doing squats so they really do help a lot oh my almost there two more here it

goes maybe three more I don't know I lose the count who cares we are moving the body anyways so that's all it matters on the end right all right and kick to the side but what and sometimes I just play my favorite music at home and I move around I'm silly I dance maybe you too like that you know as long as you move in your body no matter what that activity is but know that you are moving your body and that right there it's one step closer to losing weight or get in your body maybe toner or just basically moving the body creating the energy in the body bringing new energy in the body building well I just came to talk I can't I'm losing my breath sorry guys but it is what it is okay this is real talk real sweat real workout right here so whew alright well I'm doing a little squat with it too you can do that too if you like and make it a little more.



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