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How To Make Porchetta - How To cooking -

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How To Make Porchetta - How To cooking -

Well hello there my dear friends welcome back to the Scott Reid project now today we are going to be making that amazing Italian dish pour quatre now porchetta traditionally is made with a whole loin and belly left whole and obviously stuffed and rolled but a whole loin and belly you're looking at ten kilos and above it's a hell of a lot of meat so what I've got then is I'm using some beautiful belly pork now this piece weighs about a kilo and a half it's out the middle it's on the bone so first thing I want to do it's just quickly nip out that bone now porchetta it's basically a pork roll stuffed with herbs garlic salt and pepper quite a few variations people add some citrus people add some chili flakes I'm going to keep it quite simple but what I got for mine is a very very luxurious ingredient it is called fennel pollen now fennel pollen comes from there obviously the flower of the fennel plant if

I can get into it got greasy hands I mean fennel really easy to grow at home and fennel pollen is not too difficult to harvest but the yield is very very low now this stuff is about as expensive as it gets one gram will cost you one pound so there's a thousand grams in the kilo a thousand pound a kilo you know it's up there pretty much with saffron and Columbian marching powder now I've got five grams e it cost me five quid but it's absolutely amazing stuff you can smell it through the bag you know and it's got that alle seed taste but it goes really really well with pork right then so I've got my pork I've got the bone out we're going to butterfly that in a moment next I want to build up my curb blend so what we've got then is some lovely fresh cloves of garlic some beautiful fresh sage and some rosemary they are the staples of any porchetta the Trinity there I'm going to add some thyme so what

I need to do then is very quickly strip all this of its stalks and then chop the whole lot into a beautiful fine blend now this is not the best time I've ever had so because it looks a bit false grown to bits limp is the word I'm looking for I'm not too worried about putting a little bit of the very soft stork in okay then it's just a case of getting in there and started to chop these nice and fine just going through one preliminary leaf and then we can start mixing them all together I'm really going for it and you want it it's small as you can get it get it mixed together so my herb mixture is nice finely chopped the garlic you can do it by hand I'm going to cheat in my bad pocket Ghana garlic crusher right next I am going to concentrate on this piece of meat now normally you would just line it with your herb mix in your garlic and fold it over and tie it but what I want to do is I want to get a little bit more out of this so with a decent knife we are just gently going to carefully following one of those natural seams of the meat just butterfly it out slightly and

I think the final presentation when you've got that spiral with all your herbs in would look fantastic I'm happy with that okay it's that easy now what we need to do then is get some oil I'm using great british rapeseed oil only a little bit just a bit and then just massage that oil in easy out now this is the trick a liberal sprinkling of salt a real decent sprinkling of salt and again there's some nice cracked black pepper that's building up that base nicely and then we will get our garlic on so as you can see there then I've got six cloves just go into again evenly distribute it just spread it out then we're going to add our herby mix now some people will fry off some onions and add some breadcrumbs I mean you can really go for it but try and stick to the traditional recipe you know you want you don't want to go too fancy is basically herbes garlic salt and pepper okay there's my herbs in there nice and fresh next the fennel pollen a pound of gram so

I'd say there was 50 P cause fennel pollen porchetta always think of that amazing butcher Dario Cecchini this is rider pitch Street okay so we're just going to press that in and then just with there's my micro plane just a little bit of lemon zest not too much and then we're going to tie it up score the skin and get it in the oven there we have it it really really couldn't be easier so I'm going to try and turn this round now you watch and then just fold it up got a wipe give that a wipe and there you have it nearly ready for the oven so I'm just going to score it it's not too deep I mean you could always if you were thinking right score it before you did it but they have that's the way I roll baby so that scored nicely now I'm just going to put a few strings round that to hold its shape while we roast it up it's looking and smelling Oh amazing so one in the middle end which is not I'm using the holding not again so I don't squish out all the inside again

I will put the link to this not in the description nice not too tight we just want to hold it up so there she is then the SRP porchetta ready for the oven now a quick tip one of the best things for scoring pork is a stanley knife absolutely brilliant you just cut the tip out like that and you can see how good that is nice and safe and a lot of butchers use these in the shop they are just the best bit of kit buy yourself a new one keep it in your kitchen knife drawer keep it clean and it's a great way of scoring your pork right then so I'm going to get plenty of salt into the skin that is the secret of pork cracklin i know people put hot water over it people put olive oil over it but the thing is it's all about how dry the pork is plenty of salt to draw the moisture out and then get it in the oven on a very high heat just to start it off so I'm going to put it in a tray just with a little trivet of veg I've only got onions but you could use carrots it's only to hold it up out the pan to be honest so we get an even cook and then with that a little spot of water just in the bottom and then like

I said a really high heat I'm going to put this in at gas mark 8 and I should put the conversion up there for about 25-30 minutes and then turn it down and do it nicely low and slow I mean something like this on the barbecue on the grill on the rotisserie absolutely perfect right in the oven it goes so my looking beauties on to the best bit there she is a thing of wonder now the total cooking time for this was 4 hours like I said gas mark 8 for 30 minutes it starts off that crackling beautiful and then I turned it down to gas mark 3 look up there again for the conversion and I cooked it for another three and a half hours but just look how good that is she's looking at the microphone see if you can hear this crackling is what it's all about Oh so my friends you know the drill by now when you roast any meat you need to rest it let it relax and let all the juices go back in so I'm just going to lightly clip that with some foil and leave it for about 10 or 15 minutes then it's the money shot alrighty then my favorite part let's cut into this beautiful thing the pretty impressive hey just

I would look at it have a look at this first I'm gonna have a taste to this man alive I mean I absolutely love belly pork just look how juicy that is in there can you see it I'm the Kraken as you can hear mmm it's otherworldly it's missing one thing oh my god well that is heavenly absolutely beautiful and if you like what you see need to have a Scott Reed project please click subscribe you'll see my head come up here in a moment also please go on to my website I should put the link up here I've got a vast back catalog also follow me on my social media on Facebook Scott Reed and the stop Reed project and on my Twitter at the Scott Reed project but until next time

I'm just going to take this somewhere and spend a bit of time on my own okay crackling oh man unbelievable listen see again.



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