Kiss My Keto Gummies - If you're keto, you know how hard it is to find keto candy? - - AnaDucha

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Kiss My Keto Gummies - If you're keto, you know how hard it is to find keto candy? -

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Kiss My Keto - If you're keto, you know how hard it is to find keto candy? -

Pop quiz is it possible to have candy and stay in ketosis y'all I'm super excited about this new product these guys kiss my Kido there's our little label kiss my Kido has invented Kido gummies and not only have they invented Kido gummies they've invented Kido gummy bears so that sounds pretty incredible and it is these things taste delicious one difficulty with making any sort of keto sweet food is that sweetness literally comes from sugar and the whole thing with the keto diet is cutting carbs completely and sugar is the simplest form of carb any carb you eat gets broken down into sugar in the body so sugar purely not keto but you can still enjoy sweet flavors even if you're not technically

supposed to be eating them you just need to get a little creative that's why I'm so impressed with products like this keto gummy bears not only is it difficult to create a sweet something say a sweet dish you know something like chocolate for example or a chocolate dessert that's difficult in itself but baking things is a lot easier to make sweet than candy and that's because things especially gummy candies you need to be able to make a syrupy type consistency to create the gummy and yes you definitely need collagen or gelatin or something along those lines to even get it to be gummy but melting something that is like sugar but isn't sugar into the gummy is very difficult when it is not sugar there's so many substances out there lots of different sugar replacements sugar alcohols things

like that that you can use but not all of them act like sugar so if you think about just regular plain table sugar it's just this white little granulated thing if that easily dissolves in water and then you can play with it a lot right you can throw it into baked goods you can throw it into candy you can put it on top of things you can make it into liquid stuff you can put it into jelly or into gummy things but these other sugar alcohols are not the same consistency so you have a lot of the time you have the problem of either it doesn't taste good when you melt it down and mix it into things like this or it won't it literally just won't dissolve the same way regular sugar does so all that being said these guys that kiss my Kido figured out how to use gelatin obviously for gummies and melts down a wreath retal and

actually infuse these things with MCT oil and whatever that concoction is that they created resulted in classic gummy bears I'm gonna open these up they have three different flavors so we've got peach which are these orange ones we've got apple and we've got strawberry red so all three of them they just come in a little variety pack in these little single serving things I really like that they come in these single serving packets because it's only 54 calories per packet you get your sweet fix you get a little MCT and then you're good you can have another pack if you want or you just had 54 calories worth of a sweet thing totally satisfied that fixed and did not kick yourself out of ketosis did not go overboard on the calories if weight loss is your goal it's a win-win-win and as far as flavor goes these

are actually pretty spot-on with their flavor I don't know about you but in the classic Haribo gummy bears I never really honestly noticed much of a difference in the flavors I genuinely would just eat them and be like oh that's a gummy bear flavor yeah the fact that they were trying to tell me that one was cherry and one was apple and one was orange I just was like no these are literally all the same flavor these have distinct flavors and I think it's because they only use real fruit extract to create the flavors so that's pretty cool the thing I wanted to hit on as well was the nutrition label I did mention it's 54 calories we'll just go through the stats right here of the rest of it total fat is 2 grams all saturated no trans fat there's 17 grams of carbs which is pushing it sometimes poquito but 12 grams of that is

fiber which is insane and there's only two actual sugars so there's 17 total grams 12 fiber to sugar that leaves three for the sugar alcohol no protein and yeah the the ingredients are stuff that I totally agree with we've got prebiotics soluble fiber from chicory root that's the very first ingredient that's why it's so high in fiber and that's insane to me because getting 12 grams of fiber in a food is difficult especially in a lot of processed foods I don't know I've definitely never seen a candy with toll grams of fiber so that's really cool on top of the fact that there keto there also gluten free and all that fun stuff unfortunately they're not vegan because gelatin comes from animals but you know can't win them all I really enjoy snacking on these I will say one final thing about their ingredients I did say

that there's MCT oils which stands for medium chain triglycerides those are the shortest chain fat available and they're so small that they can actually surpass they pass right through the blood-brain barrier and can it help your brain turn on faster essentially they can also help curb hunger and that's great but I would say the majority of people experience quicker bowel movements with MCTS in their diet and that's totally fine that's probably a good thing for a lot of people I do think it's counteracted a little bit by the fiber but just so you know if you eat a lot of these you're probably gonna have to go to the bathroom and if you're sensitive to sugar alcohols specifically re-throw tall which is the one that they use to sweeten this it's not gonna make your stomach feel great so keep

those things in mind but other than that I really do stand by these ingredients as long as you tolerate them this is a delicious candy option even if you're not keto I'm not keto even if you're not keto why would you eat regular candy when you have an option like this that's my whole thing you don't have to eat perfect but eat better you know so this is a really cool compromise to that again these are the keto gummies by kiss my keto and they're super awesome they're little gummy bears you're gonna get to act like a kid again you're gonna love them hit the link below to learn more and shop them now I know you're gonna love them last but not least thank you guys for watching I'm gonna go eat these

um you can hit subscribe below throw me a comment if you have questions and I'm happy to help with anything you might ask me I hope you have a great day and I'll be back soon.



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