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Red Apple Lipstick Summer Collection -

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Red Apple Lipstick Summer Collection -

Hey guys of course my air conditioner cut off as soon as I hit the record button I mean come on sorry if you're new to my website my name is Haley I do beauty fashion lifestyle and health articles and you should definitely subscribe and hit the notifications button so that you get notified every time I post a new article that will cut off right now sorry sorry it's kind of loud but anyways today I'm really excited because I'm going to be telling you all about the red apple lipstick summer collection of lipsticks and the guys if you know me at all and you watch my articles you know how obsessed I am with lipstick

I literally have been obsessed with lipstick and makeup in general since I was like three years old so my mom always tells me stories about it so I'm literally not joking I've been obsessed with makeup my whole life but air conditioner is back on again I love this brand I've had a bunch of their lipsticks for a while now and I found out about their summer collection and I died because all the colors looked so amazing and when I got them in the mail I was just smoothing over the colors they're all so perfect and I wanted to do a Tryon article showing you them all on my lips watched on my hand so you can really see the colors and I just wanted to share this brand honestly

I haven't talked about them that much of my website they make all their products with non-toxic really clean ingredients they're gluten free which is awesome they're cruelty free and they have a ton of different colors and I just really wanted to show you this collection so let me just grab it so they came in this little bag which is so cute it just says like write up a lipstick and I love brands that really put effort into their packaging it's just everything so these are the colors now I have the whole summer collection plus a bonus color that they just came back with it was like one of their most popular colors so there's five in total so I am going to just wipe off what

I have on my lips right now and I have my grandmother's my great-grandmother's mirror to assist you with this so the first color is called kissy kissing me kissing me and it's just a really pretty kind of like your lips but better shade it's kind of more on the cool tone side it's definitely not warm it has a bit of a moth to it I would say I don't have any lip liner on or anything I just want you guys to see the colors for what they are first I'm going to swatch it on my hand so this is just a really pretty pink with a slight cool tone to it it's really not I'd say it's more of a neutral cuz it does have some warmth in there as well

I just love this color this is definitely going to be like a go-to everyday shade for me so that's cassini I hope I'm saying that right now what we have let's Fleming goal so I love the name of that one this is just your perfect everyday light corally pink it's not too bright which I love is let's flamingos gorgeous gorgeous coral and actually you guys I have been obsessed with corals so when I saw this one I knew that I needed this one for sure this is the exact type of color that Audrey Hepburn is wearing in Breakfast at Tiffany's exact that's what I thought immediately when I saw this so here is the color let's flamingo so I like it because it's not too

Coralie it's definitely more pink than coral but it does have that touch of coral to it I'm obsessed with that one and what I like to do when I apply lipsticks instead of like applying them silk so full-on like I did I'll kind of like blot them into my lips a little bit and not apply them so intensely and I like the kind of color that it leaves it just looks a little more like natural and less intense alright moving on to so this one is called day after Morocco and this is a really pretty just like everyday nude kind of like a pinky nude it's not super pink though I'm trying to describe these as well as possible it's like a peachy pinky nude and here's the swatch on my hand that's day after

Morocco okay and then the last color in the summer line is called oh snap dragon and there's also a color one more color left that I'm going to show you guys that's kind of it's not part of the summer collection but it's like I guess kind of just another new addition they've made that they brought back in another color that was really popular this one's called a Snapdragon so kind of like you know oh snap that's cute I really like the name of that one and it's kind of like just a purple like a really purpley mauve so you could still get away with this it's not like a bright neon purple or anything so this is really wearable and I actually would definitely wear this in the summer maybe on like a night out or something when

I want just something like a fun color to wear out with the girls or something and here's a Snapdragon swatched on my hand okay and then the final color which I really love is this red it's gorgeous and it's called red apple red and this was a really popular color that they came out with and then they discontinued it but they brought it back and it's a blue based red so it is more cool toned it'll look really good if you have kind of more like pink cool undertones to your skin or neutral I love a good classic red and here is red upper and swatched alright guys so I hope you enjoyed this article none of these lipsticks are matte by the way

I just wanted to mention that they're all very like creamy none of them have shimmer they're all just cream moisturizing lipsticks so I hope you all liked this article you should definitely try out write up a lipstick I will link it down below and I'll link the collection down below so that you can check out all the colors and get one for yourself because these summer colors are gorgeous and you need them in your life I will talk to you guys in my next article very soon I love you all so much bye.



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