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Simple Makeup Looks - Everyday Natural Fall Makeup Tutorial -

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Simple Makeup Looks - Everyday Natural Fall Makeup Tutorial -

Hey guys welcome back to my website today I'm gonna be doing a get ready with me during their day it's fall time doesn't really feel like fall on Miami because it feels like summer here pretty much all the time I'm just gonna be doing some really soft fall makeup and know I've been doing really natural soft looks on my website and I know you guys want a little bit more bolder looks but my last makeup tutorial was a bit of a bold look and I don't wear those kind of looks on the day to day I actually prefer to wear softer makeup so if you guys want to see how

I achieved my phone pretty much I'm just gonna take me on associate Beverly Hills a brow powder duo and medium brown it's gonna take the product and fill it in my eyebrow I usually do ice first but I'm going to do my face first just because I'm not wearing a long eye makeup I'm gonna be using the makeup forever step one skin equalizer this is actually their hydrating primer cuz I have dry skin and you just blend it for my face

I'm gonna be using my a cosmetics CC cream and medium this is my favourite favourite foundation cover besides I took place Born This Way and I put like little mini pumps on my face now I'm just gonna take my Maybelline fit me concealer in the shade 20 sand and a little bit on my forehead and windows good strong how do you guys already know that this is like my favorite thing in the entire world and I don't think there's another powder I can compare to this he's gonna take this frustration so far bronzer

I don't like the regular hoola as I think it's to oranjee for me I like the hoola light I feel like this one has a more neutral undertone and doesn't look at oranjee on me so I'm just gonna be applying this so I'm just gonna buy this all over you know for bronze and just sculpt my face out a little bit this also brings some color to my face because foundation kind of makes me look like Casper

I'm also going to take some product and apply on the sides of my nose to contour it actually really like this bronzer to contour my nose because it has like I said the neutral undertone and it doesn't record a G and I'm also taking that bronzer and applying it on my crease as a transition color I'm gonna go into the Too Faced natural matte palette and I am going to go ahead and use a mix of cleavage and unnatural with this ultra blending brush and it's just a really cool mix of malt and browns and I really like that for fall time and

I'm just gonna buy it on my crease and as you can tell it just gives your eye really nice definition and I don't know it just it's ball tones almost without like the really deep burgundy this is like a softer kind of look but I really like this for an everyday fall look and I like doing maths during fall as well for everyday bollocks I like doing my eyes just because I feel like especially in Miami it gets really hot and sticky is fall time in Miami but it's still like 80 degrees which I don't understand I don't know why but then

I'm just gonna go ahead and take lay study and apply that on my way with my finger actually I feel like it gives the most payoff with my finger brightness and then I'm gonna go ahead and take hook up right here which is a deeper kind of brown and I'm actually gonna do it on my lash line that just gives a definition without doing crazy wing line this is just gonna make my lashes look older when I apply mascara but I really like this effect because it looks really nice and natural you don't have to doing liner if you're bad at with liner this is a really cool trick to do and it's kind of messy and if you mess up you can just go over it with some shadow and try again

I'm taking cleavage and on are just putting it on my lower lash line just to define that area as well okay so for mascara I love the lash paradise by L'Oreal it's literally amazing I don't know where my eyelash curler is I think it's not my boyfriend's house because I was doing his mom's makeup but I'm just gonna go ahead and apply it without lash curler and even without lash curler this mascara is like amazing and

I have really long eyelashes either way so I just apply like one or two coats of this onto my eyes and it just really opens up my eyes you can already tell like the big difference that it made so I'm just gonna apply the other eye and okay so mascara is on I didn't put on any in the lower lash line just because I feel like if I only put on the top my eyes open up a little more and for highlight I'm taking Amex oh darling this isn't their new little holiday packaging I think it's super cute and I'm gonna take it and put a little bit of my face just bright enough so

I put it on my cheekbone a little bit on the sides of my forehead and I put on some here because I feel like that really tightens up my face and I'm gonna take my pinky finger and apply it on my nose and our partners for blush I'm taking this color pop one right here I'm not sure what the name is but I love how it looks on my skin it's like the perfect Mavi peachy color and it just really wakes me up so I love it my favorite lip duel right now is boldly bare by Mac and then Leo lipstick from glossier so what I do is

I'm just gonna go ahead and line my lips with boldly there and now I'm gonna take Leo from glossier and just apply that on my lips so this is my everyday fall makeup look I hope you guys enjoyed it be sure to LIKE and subscribe down below if you haven't already and also comment on some other article ideas I already have some things coming but I love to take some suggestions I love you guys and I will see you on my next article.



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