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Simple Sauerkraut Keto Recipe - Very Easy -

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Simple Sauerkraut Keto Recipe - Very Easy -

Hi dr. Paul hater master herbalist and spiritual teacher here and today I'm gonna show you how to make super simple sauerkraut this recipe there's nothing to it and you know sauerkraut is pretty forgiving else Oh a lot of people think oh it's very difficult to make it it's really not you know this is the season for lots of great cabbage you know all around us and you want to cut it in half and I cut it in quarters and you want to take out the core in the middle rip that out yeah take that that piece out and slice it up yeah if you want to do it you know really thin or really thick I tend to want to make mine a little bit thicker it's not sauerkraut's not that particular if you want to cut it in little tiny bits that's fine you could do anything you hearts desire it's all really is to it and then you start taking your

quart jar or a half gallon jar gallon jar either with a little like this with chasm you know been coated or a plastic lid or a glass lid or whatever you want and you start pushing this down and one of my favorite tools is a head from my one of my mini blenders push it down with this and kind of squash it in there then does a great job yeah or you could use a spoon or whatever it's not that particular put in a little bit more of yourself you know your cabbage keep putting it in there squash it down and then you're gonna take your brine mixture and a brine especially if you live in a hot climate like us is really important you take a quart of water our basically a liter court about the same almost the same and then take one anymore from one to four tablespoons of non-iodized salt regular salt because the iodine will interfere with a the process so you want to use regular old salt and then you you pour that

into the jar and you want to cover everything get it all the way up to the top and you want to leave a little headspace at the top you want to push this down a little bit more get the mo in there yeah you could add garlic if you want to that's great you could add kale oh I've seen onions and carrots in it it doesn't really matter then you're gonna put on your lid just like that not tight just just leave it loose and I would set it in a bowl or set it in a plate and up here it only takes three days it's extremely hot yeah set it on the counter you know you don't want to put it in the Sun or anything you set it on the counter set it on your dining kitchen table something like that or in the pantry and and check it you know everyday everyday also you want to screw down the lid a little bit and then shake it up everyday at five or six times maybe ten times and to make sure is all you know brining everything so

Oh anywhere from five to ten times shake it up daily and in a cool climates this may take this whole process of actually the the bacteria starting which is actually in the cabbage you don't have to add any bacteria or anything the process will take twenty thirty days if you're and really cold it's snowing outside it may take a long time here in the hot climates of Puerto Rico it takes three days maximum and then you you take the whole thing yeah and you put it in the fridge and and put down the little little bit tighter and put it in the fridge and usually you need to it's a wonderful wonderful product for building up those probiotics you know most people only have a quarter pound maybe even a half pound of probiotics and their gut you should really should have anywhere from four to five pounds of good bacteria in your gut and because we people eat fast food because of reading you know drinking

alcohol taking antibiotics and all this different stuff it really do a number on the good bacteria in our gut then winning people end up with overgrowth of the bad bacteria or SIBO and then they end up with all kinds of you know aches and pains and they feel miserable and they have bloating they end up with Candida you know h pylori they end up with all kinds of yeast infections all kinds of things the whole body goes crazy and also they become depressed and on and on and on and this is really everything is connected to our gut and we need to eat a lot of fermented foods absolutely positively on a regular basis you know I probably go through half of one of these at least every week and I also buy kimchi I don't make my own kimchi that's a lot of doing so I go to the Korean store or Chinese store which sells Korean foods also and buy it in the refrigerated section and they do a great job and

wonderful product that they have and you could also there's a lot of articles on how to make kimchi if you want to make kimchi sauerkraut has over 200 different species of bacteria that it grows and which is really good for the gut kimchi over 400 different species so it takes a little kimchi now and then also if you like spicy food you know I had a little bit of kimchi you into your diet also is a great thing also if you want to you know explore other types of foods my wife makes a wonderful tomato pickles which are also probiotic too there's all kinds of different fermented foods that you can do my great mother grandmother used to make apple butter which is also fermented it would go down on the end of the basement that was an Indiana you know take the crock that was there open it up take out some apple butter and use that and always good also the pickles were naturally fermented also that's

another thing you can do and it's a really great day the big barrel of pickles you know I mean open up the barrel here it is naturally fermented in a cool place with lots of vinegar yeah and so vinegars actually added a little bit later sometimes I didn't even add the vinegar that sometimes they just kept it totally just with natural fermenting and they would eat those all wintertime the whole winter long and really great stuff and so we had a natural cycle be eating these perverse herb foods which were really good for a body no net unnatural preservatives and preservatives of any kind these are all natural things that were being done but nowadays we eat all kinds of stuff which is really not good for us so we don't ever build up that good probiotic process in the wintertime we would end up a lot of fermented foods and the summertime lots of you know fresh raw food so we end up with this one

cycle that was going on in a regular basis so we build up a probiotics in our body but nowadays that's not happening at all people when I general don't eat any fermented foods so it's really important if people go back to eating fermented foods I think in the future you know eating fermented foods is becoming going to become a natural part of our lives and people are going back to natural ways of living also and I recommend going back to simpler times you know a lot of people were stuck to their you know their tablets and their smartphones and their computers and we have really gotten away from working in the yard yet yesterday was out have a little chipper and I was making compo to form one of our trees actually leaned over with the rain so I had to cut it back a little bit and so putting that into the compost bin area and allowing that to actually ferment in its own way also and that actually

helps to heal the soil also in the Korean process of creating an actual process of making the fungi grow in the soil too and they will go out to where they have bamboo growing and we do have bamboo growing around the island and you take half cook rice organic white rice and put it in a plastic box which has holes drilled all over it and half add about half full and then put a lid on it that has holes in a tube kind of bury it up to the top to the top of the lid and put leaves from the bamboo on top of it and bury it right next to the bamboo and these bamboo tree trees actually have a lot of good fungus there and come back in a couple of weeks and you'll see that this fungus is just growing on this rice like crazy you know grow three or four inches and then you take some of that break off of chunk about you know just big this is not rocket science and take organic brown sugar and you mix it

equal parts and then you put it into a jar and adds a little bit of water and let it actually ferment a little bit there and grow it's actually growing it's not fermenting if you're growing and then you add it to more water and spray that on your soils and you spray that on your vegetables and your flowers and you start seeing that the mycelium my actual fungus tarts keep growing in the soils it's really exciting stuff and you see those little white lines everywhere in your soil well this is about feeding your soil the microbiome of the soils itself that pretty amazing stuff I have to say I'm really honored to I'd be able to do this type of thing and so you can learn how to make a wonderful sauerkraut this is so simple anybody can do this you know take care we reuse these jars we get them for another purpose that they're filled with something else and so we reuse them on a regular basis my wife also uses them

for making infusion oils that she does and you know water and salt and cabbage that's pretty inexpensive you can make your own and you know buying sauerkraut and a health food store in the refrigerator section boy I saw half a half a quart for about 12 dollars yesterday not cheap so you can make your own for hardly anything and really you know make yourself extremely healthy and make a change in your your life there's no doubt about it we can get rid of the sea boat we can get rid of the overgrowth get rid of the candida we can you can start eating also my diet at Paul Hader calm that wwww Paul hater H AIEE are calm up in the right hand corner you'll see my diet click on that and we'll get you into being extremely healthy and feeling really good and if you care to get a hold of me my phone number is eight three one eight six nine nine one one nine eight three one eight six nine

nine one one nine and maybe I'll do a article in the future about Korean farming anyway make some wonderful sauerkraut if you want to email me my email address is dr paul hater at dr paul hater at my skype address is dr paul hater also if you can text me and whatsapp me and all kinds of things but get a hold of me early i go to bed at 8 o'clock so try to get a hold of me early and I'll try to help you in any way shape or form you want to do a consult they would you want to change your life you need a little coaching to go to my patron page and you can sign up and I have four different levels there that you can sign up with and I have a mentoring program and also have ongoing things of extra articles for you specifically for your patron level if you like and we can make a process of you getting healthy on a regular basis with me helping you along the way so allow

yourself to be healthy allow yourself to make a change in your life allow yourself to add some fermented foods into your diet and allow yourself to grow those probiotics in your gut which you're extremely important and allow yourself to feel free if you want to make a donation no man on my website I appreciate that and like I said if you want to get a hold of me feel free to remember the most important things are remember God and remember I love you.



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