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Youfit Near Me - This Will Get You Fit! -

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Youfit Near Me - This Will Get You Fit! -

Without Brick Squad I am in Nashville Tennessee I'm linking out with the army jelly roll I am gonna spend a few days here I'm gonna relax I got the studio house all to myself my dude always takes care of me whenever I'm in town hey today's article is gonna be very simple I'm gonna let you guys in on the psychology behind how I create my workouts there's not much to it I'm a very simple guy especially nowadays I've been in this vibe where I want to get in and out the gym in 30 40 minutes and I'm enjoying it so i'ma let you guys in I'm gonna be doing this workout in his garage at his house so this is his studio house his house is about a few blocks away so let's run over there real quick so I want to let you guys in all the way on the psychology behind my process right because the psychology behind my process is how

I develop my relationship with exercise you want to be intentional about the way you develop your relationship with exercise your relationship with exercise is probably the most important relationship in your life believe it or not not your wife not your kids is your relationship with exercise so the first thing I do when I'm about to work out is I check in with myself mentally physically how am I feeling what do I feel like doing today do I feel like lifting do I feel like doing it do I feel like just doing cardio don't feel like walking do I feel like stretching what do I feel like doing today that's the first question I ask myself and from there I'll make my decision so here this is what I have access to he got the dumbbells over there a barbell this is a bitch I'm assuming yeah it's a bitch you got a squat wrap another bitch Air Assault bike some more dumbbells some kettlebells over there to cut and some boxing equipment alright so with these options

I'm probably you're just gonna do a circuit style workout I could do a little intensity today because that's just how I'm feeling most of the time I don't I don't like intensity in my workouts but today I feel like I can give a little intensity so yeah I'm gonna do a circular workout I do three exercises three rounds and then I go to another circuit so I don't know I mean I'm just freestyling I'm gonna see what they have now here's the thing guys you want to study exercises you want to have a lot of exercises in your head that you know that you practice that you've experimented with that way when you're in these situations you kind of have an idea okay what exercises I like which ones work the muscles that I'm trying to work which is you want to work all of them so you want to focus mainly on compound exercises exercises that that activate muscles and multiple parts of your body at the same time you don't want to be in here doing bicep curls

I mean you can if you want to matter of fact let me not tell you what to do you do what makes you happy straight up anyway let me get to this workout so I'm showing you guys this workout to give you some ideas but what I want everyone listening through this right now to do is to adopt the no pressure approach when it comes to exercise just don't put pressure on your self have zero expectations I mentioned this in a few articles before make the goal that is walk into the gym or to just start your workout whether you know if you're working out at home that applies to that but don't put pressure on yourself use your energy you will power to focus on nutrition because that is where the magic happens your body changes because of what you eat there are people who lose weight without exercising at all so just keep that in mind

I do want you to exercise is very important but in the beginning you'll be dating you guys are dating you and exercise are dating so you want to do things to woo it into your life you want to make sure that you are finessing it and you are massaging it and working it into your life in a way where it's gonna stick around long term in a way where you guys will eventually get married and spend happily ever after together but if you're doing things in the beginning just trying to impress exercise but that's not you're not really being yourself and you're not developing that genuine bond then exercise is not gonna stick in your life long so just be true to yourself and where you are with exercise if you're not if you haven't been exercising long and you don't really have that amazing bond with exercise then I

Want you to start off slow take things slowly work your way into it go maybe two or three times a week go maybe twenty five minutes and then eventually you'll build this foundation of an amazing relationship that you can build upon that's when you can start worrying about macros and bodybuilding and burpees and bro splits and all this other stuff that's when you can worry about it but in the beginning focus on developing that amazing bond like let's all get to know each other really well and that's where the magic is gonna happen but that only happens by being consistent and you have to take your time just take your time listen to me prioritize consistency make that your goal consistency in two of the major keys to consistency is accountability and community and that's why I created my facebook group listen if you are serious about transforming your body I want you to join my facebook group it is a paid

Facebook group guys you have well you will have to make a small investment but the value that you will get will supersede that investment a hundred times over I do live Q&A just for my insiders I'll answer your questions personally once a week join the bricks fitness insiders Facebook group the link is in the description it is $14 a month for a limited time the price is gonna go up as the demand increases so take advantage of this beginner offer right now and there's tons of resources the most important one being accountability and community so check it out the link is in the description so the more you can fly in an arena the more likely people you will see some right but we got these expectations of how it's supposed to look or you know I'm supposed to be in an hour and a half you can work out 15 minutes a day well so you losers misconception would be somebody would look at you good they'd say

I can't spend three hours in a day like she does don't you soon yeah that's what people think perception yeah yeah put some energy behind you take and that's not problem to them but if I can if I could just add one or two how we go.



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