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Younique Makeup - What is younique makeup? -

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Younique Makeup - What is younique makeup? -

Hello everybody welcome back to the website if this is your first time here my name is Blair or the Illuminati and today guys we're going to be going back into the r slash unique makeup artist subreddit which deals with all the Hun BOTS who think they are really great makeup artists but it's it's pretty painful to see the way they lie or just can't really apply the makeup they're trying to sell while trying to sell it to you it's just it's a really mixed bag of terrible so before we get into today's article guys make sure to hit that like button if you guys are new to the website make sure to hit that subscribe button and with that being said let's get right into the article guys alright so here we are with the unicorn shadow palette I yeah okay so and then there's whatever there's some lip stain and and whatever shit but in that first photo with the eye shadow palette

I would think at least me personally right you would want to clean up the way your eyeshadow presentation looks so if you look at that you can see how that eye shadows look kind of chunky and powdery and they don't look pleasant in those pans like that's when we say that looks very unpleasant to look at and it looks dirty and it just does not look like something like as I make a product I would want on my eyes for example so even if you're just a messy makeup artist doing your makeup and that's just how you do it you'd probably want to clean it up for presentation if you want to use it for a photo to sell and then she's trying to sell these other lip stains and other shit but I'm just so stuck on how bad that I shadow how it looks that I just don't even I don't want to go further alright wow that is not an attractive face to make this is uncomfortable okay had fun distressing last night putting all the

Purple shadows on my fees little boss babe yeah okay so once again if this is how you want to sell your makeup I would say this is an ineffective tactic all this really does is your makeup because you're scrunching your face up all sorts of ways you're creating lines where there are not necessarily all lines you're creating illusions that the shadow is falling into certain areas that your makeup is caking and maybe your makeup is caking in your shadow actually as crap I'm trying to give a benefit at the doubt here but the face it's not attractive you know like when I see someone that has got like you know a good pose with the good makeup going on and everything like that you know that's when I go oh I want to know what kind of makeup she's wearing this I don't want to know what she's wearing in fact maybe I'd want to know what she's wearing so I know to avoid it so I don't look like that all right so we got a photo here of a bunch of both babe they're in

Orlando Florida and this is uh I don't know what this is this is supposed to be some like diversity photo about their foundation I guess it says beauty has no skin tone I guess is all what their shirts are which is new eat new you can fuck I'm so like not here today with words and the comment in red says yet unique only offers foundation in 26 shades the darkest don't even fit dark-skinned women properly how disappointing also what a diverse picture oh my god I didn't know that unique had foundation oh wait did I I don't even know anymore I try and block out unique honestly so their foundation only has 26 shades which now in the days of post Rihanna Fenty Beauty having at least forty shades is like the bare fucking minimum now for foundation so if you don't even have forty shades like you just you just gross we don't we don't like that anymore so this shit has 26 shades and apparently the darkest shades don't even properly fit dark-skinned women's skin tones properly and then in the photo where they're wearing shirts is as

Beauty has no skin tone everyone's essentially the same shade so okay yeah the comment made it pretty damn good point must say I write all know I take it back this is a tattoo isn't it oh my fuck I think that's a real tattoo you're in a cult call your dad oh mylanta they did not tattoo the unique thing on the oh my god that is the dumbest thing i've ever see are you freaking kidding me right why would you do that that's I I get it I'm gonna have this old person with me here with you know that tattoos permitted do you know that tattoos permanent like dude hon do you know that tattoo is permanent like you're gonna be in your fucking 60s with a unique fucking tattoo on the inside of your wrist that's not something I would ever want okay I would much prefer a whole bunch of stupid or Dumber tattoos like than this now with that being said the execution of the tattoo is quite well however

I still disagree with the message all right so here we have a bunch of boss babes with their unique cars does your job allow you to get paid every three hours and drink around the world with your yes teas oh we discussed this in a different article yes tea scented like easties which sounds like they had a yeast infection but that's what they want to call themselves so Oh drinking you around the world hashtag Epcot so they just went to Epcot to get some drinks we don't actually know if they purchase these drinks with their unique cards but we do know that they are posing with them for the photo this is just dumbest shit like honestly like getting paid every three hours like if you don't have like the the mental like well-being to be able to pace yourself with however like many times a month you get paid and you have to get like paid every three hours like you have a different set of problems you got to deal with like

I'm sorry sweaty alright so this right here is a unique overstock on shadows which are clearly used or old as you can tell from the cracking the moisture is clearly leaving these whatever the fuck these are these shadows I guess this is pretty gross the fact that it looks like they're trying to sell this is is kind of disgusting and my kind of I mean like fucking very disgusting like disgusting but like okay if that's that's what your you're into I guess I can't really say anything about that but I wouldn't buy that that's probably not sanitary alright so here we have this this is actually a pretty decent look like it's not you know there's a couple of whatever points with the drip in the foundation that doesn't look phenomenal but overall it actually says this is a pretty clean look so far it's a nice transition so it's happy Gay Pride

Month and they are facing there a unique presenter and hashtagging unique and everything I see the problem with why this was posted in here is she's very clearly wearing fake fucking eyelashes so it's really hard to advertise unique and its eyelashes if the eyelashes on your fucking face are fake it's you know not to hate on the look or anything like the looks pretty good actually but yeah it's I wouldn't be I wouldn't be promoting unique when you're not even wearing real eyelashes that's straight-up just false advertising so okay so we've got a unique look here and and it is quite unique um so my problem is is she didn't put mascara on oh oops okay she is wearing mascara I thought she was maybe only wearing mascara on her lower lashes it turns out she's wearing in them on the top that's just not good mascara which is unique which is not shocking to me yeah this is just not yeah this is just ain't it alright so we got okay we're really doing this god

I'm trying so hard not to just piss on their makeup application skills but it's really hard to be like you're selling unique and your makeup application is just trash so it's getting excited for our unique convention in Orlando in August we're having a decade's party we truly need to bring back the style of the twenties you just look like so unhappy in that photo and maybe that's just like her face but like once again I don't see no eyelashes babe ain't that part of what you sell in and I don't see any of them alright so here we have a very clearly Oh totally not photoshopped photo at all I really love how you can even tell that this woman has definitely got some age on her but that just how smooth that skin is and how white the whites of her eyes are it is absolutely crazy I also like in the eye over on the right hand side how you can clearly see the photoshopped fake lash band she put in on top to even out her spider lashes oopsies oopsies yeah

I see that sis we all see it like you ain't fooling nobody like I'm sorry like if you look at her chest right and this is just no shade but if you look at her chest you can clearly see some of the wrinkles and stuff in her skin which just happens with aging that's fucking normal there's nothing to be ashamed of with that however when you have your skin on your chest that is normal and you can tell that's untouched and then you look at the face and it's somewhat has the skin of like a 20 year old and you can see the difference in age of skin like that it just looks like her head is disconnected from the rest of her body through this Photoshop I know she thought this was a cute look but everything about this is bad and also the fact that she wouldn't overkill on the whites on the eyes but only on one eye like there's just a lot wrong in this photo up and next we've got oh fuck this is a whoa um so there's definitely no

Photoshop going on here that's really awesome and that's that's definitely one of the things that I like most about this is the lack of the lack of Photoshop in this image oh yeah this is uh this is great also the brows you know we stand you know 90 degree angles all right so here we go unique oh mylanta oh oh babe oh no all right summer time tip rose water is the sunburn skin's best friend oh you know or we could just like take care of our skin in the first place and not or keep burning ourselves that's fine too I guess all right so we've got miss fallout queen over here promoting something but those brows are way too overly filled in and I'm sure like I said fall out because I thought under her eyes that that was just like fall out product I'm thinking that's now intentional cuz it kind of has a blue sheen to it I'm thinking she intentionally tried to sweep blue eyeshadow under and over her eyes and then sweep it outwards to kind of give it more of like that cat eye look but it didn't work and those

I'm sorry those brows are fucking atrocious oh my god good thing she locked that shit in with some of that setting powder or whatever the fuck is in her hand because yeah you really want to lock all right so we got this photo here using her mascara and once again you can see some bottom lashes but the top lashes are few and far between to find I think that's an indicator that your shit ain't working sis Oh Oh No what is this I'm so sorry fuck I shouldn't have said that like that but okay um this person just goes forgot how much I love playing with palette 5 under most recent on unique representative so this is her trying to advertise playing with the palette 5 whatever eyeshadow palette that is oh it looks like it like poorly transferred onto her upper lid because like though the negative white space in the middle like there's there's attempts like you can see with the blending that there were attempts here

But my god did it fail on execution okay can we not fucking use children to sell eyelashes like honestly are we really doing this take take this child out let her go play don't fucking do this to her like this I don't know why I'm so like upset about this but I am this is bullshit alright so let's see this chick playing with some new makeup hashtag unique life hashtag unique what exactly is it then playing with I I like yours your spiders on your face the legs look extra crunchy today they look great I'm kind of like intimidated by her I don't I don't know why I'm getting this why I'm kind of scared of her another Oh Frick what is that oh my god challenge you're 80 what a fun hashtag unique something makeup what hmm okay so there was a vision here to use primary colors kind of AI is this what I see before I die I don't like who are who are you and finally hashtag unique hashtag make up hashtag goals I'm sorry I give up that

I keep the applications done so fucking poorly like I can't even begin with this this is this is actually terrible like fuck like was there even like an attempt on this one like I'm sorry there there was not I refuse to believe that someone actually tried to blend that eyeshadow to I've refused they were purposefully going for this look I just no no no no no no no anyways guys with that being said that's what we are going to end today's article if you guys enjoyed this article make sure to leave it a like if you guys are new to the website make sure to hit that subscribe button and if you guys want even more content from me you can pop open that description box so we're gonna find links to my second website the podcast all of my social media discord servers subreddit merch shop links for everything will be down below so again guys thank you so much for making it through another article

I love you so much and I'll see you in the next one bye guys you.



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