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10 Fitness Inspirational Stories That Will Help You Get In Shape Anaducha.com

10 Fitness Inspirational Stories That Will Help You Get In Shape inspirational fitness story men's fitness success stories motivational stories weight loss before and after inspirational fitness videos weight loss transformation workout inspiration inspirational fitness quotes

10 Fitness Inspirational Stories That Will Help You Get In Shape Anaducha.com

Most of us would like to be a little fitter than we are but only a few of us get really committed all that exercise and healthy eating is worth it though when looking at the before and after pictures truly inspirational Vicky Pattison British reality TV star Vicky Pattison has made a business out of her Fitness transformation appearing on the MTV UK version of Jersey Shore port ashore Vicky went on to land her own show judge Gordie and one I'm a celebrity get me out of here but more impressive than all of this is Vicky's fitness transformation she dropped four dress sizes and launched her own fitness range mini V she developed the nutritional protein and supplement range specifically for women Vicky added to her fitness Empire by releasing workout DVD Vicky 7-day slim Billie K

Billie Kalman founded the popular Billy Kay fitness after struggling with his weight his entire life after he lost everything in 2010 he started going to the gym he started planning his meals - at a financial necessity and his body started to transform Billy shared his journey on Facebook and Instagram and as his followers grew he shared tips recipes and advice this led to the creation of his very own program to encourage others to change their lifestyles for good there's certainly no better promotional tool than his own amazing before and after photos Michele Steinke Michelle Stein Keys fitness transformation is truly inspirational although happily married with two kids and a corporate job Michelle was miserable at 206 pounds she committed to an intense exercise program to improve her health and well-being but eight weeks later tragedy struck when her husband and best friend were killed in a plane crash

Michelle used exercise as therapy crediting endorphins as the best antidepressant three months later she ran a half marathon and then five months on she ran a full San Diego marathon she lost 80 pounds and then went on to found her own one fit Widow blog and 1fw Fit Life program Blake Beckford Blake Beckford fitness transformation is truly inspirational given his medical condition the model from England showed off his ripped physique while posing with his colostomy bag on show at age 19 soon after he started training for fitness competitions Blake was diagnosed with chronic bowel disease he lost weight and struggled to gain muscle after 10 years Blake had an ill secta me operations his large bowel and small intestine were removed to form a stoma but that didn't stop him from pursuing his dream he defied doctor's prognosis as he wouldn't be able to train like he did pre surgery look at the amazing shape he's in just after one year of working out

Kym shaper Kym shaper became a fitness instructor in 2005 following her own very complicated relationship with food weight and exercise having been an athlete in high school Kym became severely under x''k and went down to 75 pounds overeating then led Kym to weigh in at 185 pounds officially obese for her height she took control by training at the gym and changing her diet Kim now shares her story with her clients and helps inspire them to change without quick fixes the triathletes amazing before and after pictures at both ends of the scale are certainly inspirational Josh Sundquist Paralympian Josh Sundquist has impressive fitness levels as a ski racer but his fitness transformation in 2006 is seriously impressive in a article he uploaded to prove his before-and-after photos aren't fake Josh explained why and how he got so ripped in 2006 he wasn't feeling good about the way he looked or his health he was very careful about what he ate and worked out incredibly hard over the next six weeks after three months the transformation was quite staggering given that he also fought bone cancer after being diagnosed at age 9 underwent a year of chemotherapy and had his leg amputated it's pretty safe to say josh is amazing

Erica Nicole Kendall Erica Nicole Kendall's fitness transformation started because of her mom who encouraged her to join the local fitness center after she gained post-baby weight Erika chronicled her 160 pound weight loss journey on her website a black girl's guide to weight loss she now has a huge online community with thousands of Facebook Likes Twitter followers email subscribers and members of her clean eating bootcamp her Fitness philosophy involves compassion consistency positive body image mindfulness and pleasure the personal trainer from New York champions high-intensity interval training for weight loss mr. and mrs. C mr. and mrs. C aka Steven and Claire Crowther have gone through a fitness transformation together the British couple made a pact wouldn't get married until they got in shape the process took five years but they're healthy eating and training regimen got them where they wanted to be mrs.

C lost an incredible 84 pounds almost half her original weight she's gone on to compete in fitness competitions and is insanely ripped they now inspire others through their health fitness blogs shared gains Jennifer nicole lee jennifer Nicole leaves before-and-after pictures went viral on Facebook thanks to her strong messages literally the professional fitness model strong as the new skinny t sums up her approach to fitness transformations when the mom of two's weight peaked at 200 pounds she decided to do something about it but rather than focus on fat loss she chose to focus on strength her approach certainly worked as she got down to 130 pounds Jennifer is now keen to encourage women to rate their health on how strong they feel physically mentally and emotionally thank you for reading this article don't forget to subscribe to our Website you.



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