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This ACE Personal Trainer makes $200k/year + ACE Certification Tips Interview -

This ACE Personal Trainer makes $200k/year + ACE Certification Tips Interview - personal trainer certification cost personal training certifications ace fitness login ace personal trainer exam ace certification cost good personal trainer qualities personal trainer certification online nasm personal trainer

This ACE Personal Trainer makes $200k/year + ACE Certification Tips Interview -

I know success when I see it today I want to take a moment to talk about how to become a personal trainer not because I am a personal trainer I'm not trust me I'm not however I've hired a personal trainer his name is Jimmy and he really has over the past six months changed my life physically and mentally based on the work we've done together and so I did some research to see what's out there for people who want to become personal trainers and I genuinely just didn't find all that much of helpful information so I asked him if he'd be willing to sit down with me and have a conversation about his path his journey his business because man the guy's busy without spending any more time this is an Instagram follow him if you're interested he is in San Francisco if anyone here reades from that area you're welcome to reach out to him otherwise let's jump into the interview this is my personal trainer Jimmy Jimmy's helped me a ton in my life you saw how I started out

I was in a pretty bad spot physically and mentally too and over the past I don't know four months five months made a product for families yeah Jimmy's helped me get into a lot into a much better spot so I wanted to bring him in and and talk about how to become a personal trainer because obviously it's had an impact on my personal life but also I think Jimmy has shown me how much he cares about the people that he's helping and so if we can spread that love as much as possible I'd like to do that so with that I want to talk a little bit first about Jimmy and what you do tell me tell me why I became a personal trainer and and what your business looks like right now why should read people even listen to you that's a great question well right now I would say I think for the majority of people listening the reason they should listen to me is you know everyone talks about the you know the six-figure trainer what not and so you know the reason you should listen to me is I'm a multiple six-figure trainer so that's that's the you know

I don't want to spend too much time on that but that's that's that it's something that you know you got to put out there but it's not something you want to just tell people every day but right in this scenario that's basically why you know I think I have a little bit of authority and and just you know just managing yourself managing yourself as a trainer starting from making no money to making it a good living off of it how long you've been doing this for I've been doing I've been training people for right around eight years but it's only been a full-time thing for since 2015 so it'll be my fourth year yeah and that's why I moved that's when I moved to San Francisco basically started from starting from scratch didn't know anybody you know didn't have any leads and you know didn't have any traction or anything and then built up from where did you move from moved from Orange County test an Orange County okay and then how was you were doing a part time in Orange County no so in Orange County um yeah it was really part time I mean it was almost like for fun okay yeah and then

I didn't even have a certification or anything yeah I was just people would basically build relationship in the gym and then I would kind of just help them out you know type deal would you say going for a certification would be one of the first things you want to do or start the way you started that's a good question I think you know honestly so officially okay officially to be safe to be insured to have a level credibility you do want to get a certification that is you you have to get in the door in any gym to have anyone have any level of trust with you you want to get a certification yeah but you know the reality is you know clients are not going to say hey what's your certification what does that mean because these certification companies are you know these certification entities you know ace NASM whatever it is they don't they don't necessarily do an work really on the trainers part to to to build credibility for you so a so I have an a certification American Council of exercise and but you know has ace reached out to this building and and and told everyone how amazing their their trainers are and people that are certified you know it under them are not really so you really you're kind of on your own but in order to really have to separate yourself from the general population that has a passion for fitness you want to get that certification but if you have to you know at the time

I didn't have any money certifications do cause you know upwards of you know eight hundred dollars just to get it just to take the test so you got it you got to do what you got to do and and and build build credibility so your first few clients funded your ability to go get oh yeah oh yeah yeah that's kind of smart to do I would say I mean you know if you can get away with it yeah well another thing is a lot of a lot of companies that hire trainers will also accept a health related degree so and that could be a very you know that's a very broad term so use that to your advantage if you're a new trainer get out there and spin your degree and make it naked and you know whoever's hiring you let them know why they should hire you know why you know your degree is a health related agree how it can be used as such someone who's new ambitious just just you know getting used to the idea of becoming a personal trainer and maybe taking that next step maybe they've been training for a while what are some of the mistakes that they're gonna make rough that right off the bat I would say I think they're they're gonna they're gonna underestimate I think the the time that it's going to take for them to to get clients

I would say amount of work that it's gonna take I see a lot of trainers that when they're when they're coming into a gym brand new you know their their mindset is set on is is is focused a lot on what do I do when I get the client mm-hmm right so all their training has been as you know the certification is about this it's what to do how to how to how to build a relationship with your crying once once they're your client but the majority of work happens before that and so I see a lot of trainers it's kind of like waiting for a client to either approach them or having a client lead-generation go through somebody else and then come down to that yeah so you get fed leads from some other place exactly so you know you're really gonna have to go in and it's up to you so being a personal trainer is such a general term and it can mean so many things for it means every something different for every single person you know that it really means nothing you know because of that so I could shake your hand say

I'm a personal trainer but at the end of the day you know what does that mean yeah you know it could mean a whole multitude of things okay so how would you recommend someone who's new how do they get their first few clients their first few clients you know some of it some of it is is well the I would say the first few clients you have to just spend as much time as you can on the floor whatever whatever space you're gonna operate in yeah you got to spend as much time at the gym or it could be the gym so that's that's another thing that I think new trainers really want to focus on is what area is or do you operate the best - so have like a specialty or a niche yes starting to starting to find that niche you may not know exactly right away but I think a lot of mistake that a lot of people make when they get into the business is you know they have a passion for fitness you know which is great and that's like a term that you hear quite a bit but you know what they really love is mountain biking

I'm on the weekends you know what they really love is is you know some outdoor activity maybe a swimming so you were a swimmer in the past and you really love swimming you know that's great but if you're gonna work in a gym environment you gotta be in love with the gym you got to understand the gym you got to understand that space you got to own that space and so if you're not somebody that can comfortably workout for eight hours at a time yourself and just have fun and just work out whether it's optimal training or not you just love working out of the gym then I really wouldn't recommend that person work at a gym because that's the kind of time that you really gonna have to put in just to you know just to exist in that space so that like living in the gym and Tony is something you would say is like almost a prerequisite yeah so if someone like myself you know I really love the gym and I would you know how it's been all day at the gym I do but I don't feel super stressed at the end of the day if I spend like 16 18 hours at the gym I don't feel super stressed because

I'm in the gym I love the gym so it's just I see like endless possibilities that I can do to change you know your lives or whoever's live it from the from stuff inside the gym yeah but let's say I had to do that on the soccer field or you know the training triathletes or something like that outdoors I wouldn't last a day you know I would I wouldn't want to be there I like I'd rather be in the gym yeah you know so I'm serving back to the certification yeah how did that go how tough was it to get there's there's very there's very mine was not too tough to get and the reason was because I have I had a great background already and in training a lot of people okay you have the experience yeah so I have a lot of experience and when you're when you're really self-motivated you you're like already learning this stuff yeah outside of the certification and so you already know kind of what it takes exactly and you know all the anatomy you know if you're like doing that on your own yeah but let's say you're fresh you know you don't have any of that knowledge that probably you would have to put in a good amount of study maybe it really depends

I mean you probably want to set aside a good three months to just read read study read take some sample tests and go from there I would read some online reviews on how each of the certification systems work for each company so each each test somewhere a little bit harder someone said to be a little bit easier you know it's all up to you on what your goals are so for myself my goal was to get this get a certification and to be honest they I tried to choose the easiest one possible I was like which one is gonna take the least amount of time I felt I had if I was really confident that I could already go in and do the job because I've been doing it so I just needed a certification so I went out and I got my a certification you know I don't think there's anything wrong with it so from a marketing standpoint how do you market your business how do you get your clients these days most of my clients are referrals so just one of my clients are their friend or their their colleague or something like that I I do so I'm a fitness director at a building called Jasper it's on first and Harrison and in the city in San Francisco and so they as the fitness director so I'm contracted there

I'm there to service the residents for a certain number of hours every week and so in exchange for that they have a little bit of a lead generation system through an email type deal where they email the residents and let them know the services that are provided within the building fitness orientations are one of them a free personal training session is one of them and then obviously you can book actual personal training sessions just right off the bat too in that building so that's like a little bit of a lead generation system there but yeah most of it is in person yeah you just develop relationships over time in the gym something you mentioned last time we were working out is that sometimes you'll just go around and just give people a little bit of a hand here and there yeah absolutely go about that and that's is that how you build those relationships yeah so that's that's part of it that's part of it you know and that's probably that's a little bit after you develop that's not the very first thing I would probably do I would probably you know just let them know that

I exist that's the first thing you want to do yeah is you're in that space what however you do it some people have their headphones in they don't want to be bothered with yeah so maybe you give them a little nod maybe you just walk right in front of them just let them know you're there some people you say hello to some people you get a nice greeting with it but you just let people know you exist yeah and over time do you ask them a question maybe about about maybe I would you know if I can give them value right away so you know for example let's say I saw somebody doing a deadlift with a rounded back and that's something that it's an unsafe movement right so one thing one thing you do want to premise everything is you don't know this you don't know these people right you don't know their goals you don't know you know what they're going through you don't know their medical history you don't know any of this stuff so there's the only really things you can you can really give them value right now is is things that are like unsafe things that are very very obvious so if somebody's doing a deadlift or hinge movement with the rounded back or a squat with the rounded back or things like that that's something that I can approach them with and not necessarily say hey

I'm a trainer I know how let me tell you how to do this right right that's that's them does something that they're gonna complete turn off with it you don't want to you don't want to make yourself seem you're better than this person yeah what you want to do is go in and say hey you know how do you squats feel you know I'm just curious I just want to know how your squats feel if they say good and they say great I say Oh awesome and then you just move on you know but if they say you know it feels pretty good and if they feel if it seems like they're invited they're inviting a little bit maybe a little tidbit of advice and you would say you know does your back hurt at all you ever you know because you're you want let you want to let them know your goal is their well-being so I just want you know you know if your back hurts I can I I can do like a quick fix to fix it right now just look in the mirror do do a couple reps sideways in the mirror so you keep your back straight yeah and then that's it you know you just move on and then you know you just it's a lot of feedback you always have to see where they're at and kind of the really really really fluid with all your responses but it's always just approaching it as hey

I don't know you but I can maybe help you in this area and if they if they want advice then you give it and then from there that's it I mean you're not you're not there to sell anything you're just letting them know hey I'm here to help you let me show you what this little tidbit of information this thirty Seconds can do for you if you want to know more you can come talk to me if you want to but it's all up to you you know all right so final kind of questions here what is in your opinion because technology changing everything what is your opinion the future of personal training so when you start getting started now I'm assuming it's not the same as someone who got started eight years ago so where do you see this going and where do you see your your personal business going I want to know about that too like yeah where are you going with all this that's a good question I think in the future obviously you're kind of starting to see it now like I just saw and one of my clients sent me an article about a robot trainer so it's literally a robot like giving you like instruction push me up peloton you got the peloton so you got all the virtual stuff you know and obviously a lot of ton of apps that are coming out yeah

I think it's good I think it's gonna be really great so what I think is training personal training so one-on-one in-person training I think will always be there at least for the I mean foreseeable future that I that I see even with all this new technology but I'm really glad for it because I think it's gonna really weed out some of the trainers that that don't really care as much right so you know a common thing that you'll hear when you walk into a gym is trainer that trainers that just count you know they're they're like they're to count reps so it's it you know it's it's not it's not only annoying for everybody because you just hear ten nine eight seven you know yeah but that's not adding any value to the to the person that you're with you know you want to be giving them how are they doing what are they doing right what are they doing wrong you know you know they can count themselves right so that's why you know these apps that that can count for you yeah I mean that value is gonna appreciate it right away so it's it's trainers that can find ways to add the most value to their clients that are going to survive

I think in the future so I think it's gonna be a mix of both you know I think it's gonna be a lot of technology a lot of virtual stuff even like virtual reality so like I think there's I think there's a gym in San Francisco already that is straight virtual reality so it's like I don't know the inside of it but I just saw I saw the building and I looked it up online and then that's what it was I haven't seen any photos or any social media is very San Francisco yeah but I think you put on some glasses and like you do a workout with like a trainer right there or something like that know that the seats all that stuff is coming along it's pretty fast do I have to be a separate article I do yes that might be something yeah I was really but yeah I think training walls when I want training walls be there okay technology will take up obviously a little bit of a maybe a large portion of that business business market but trainer quality trainers will always be there and then where's your business goes my business so that's a good question right now honestly so I'm kind of at the point where I maxed out on one-on-one clients yeah you know there's maybe I could add a few more here and there but but you know right now all I can do is you know what

I'm trying to do is just again try to find try to get better I'll get what I'm doing you know what I'm doing is pretty simple but I'm but I want to try to just get better at it and once I feel like you know I am I feel fulfilled and the in my ability to service my clients is like I'm doing the best that I can then I think is maybe time to to to hire trainers under myself train them and then feed them clients or things like that but try to scale that way yeah but right now I don't think that's gonna happen I mean my whole my whole business is based on me so yes you know you get me as the quality and that's what really what I'm selling so it's really really hard to get somebody else and you know feed my clients to somebody else and things like that so you know just well just want to keep improving on what I'm doing just keep it nice and simple I'm not gonna try to do anything crazy okay anything like that your Instagram yeah my Instagram yes what is it built by Jimmy all one word built by Jimmy on screen and follow him skis really helped me I totally agree everything that we've done is stuff that we could not have done virtually yeah 100% couldn't have happened so

I'm with you on that thank you for for stopping by no absolutely my pleasure so that was the interview I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know if you liked this content this did a little different than what I normally do but to the people who are out there who are looking to start their own personal training or fitness based businesses I thought it might be interesting to crack into the topic so let me know what you think and hit the thumbs up into the article have a good one love you guys bye.



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