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What I Eat - Easy + Healthy Meals for Fat Loss

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What I Eat - Easy + Healthy Meals for Fat Loss

Good morning filming conditions on wack it's cloudy outside the dishwashers on this so you know what's wrong here what a meeting today I'll give you guys an update on how everything is going as well and just out the day I know this is survived but I ordered my breakfast because if anyone knows where I can get turkey bacon and Alvin please meet this room plays good nutrition station it's home Oh bread turkey bacon and eggs it's 27 13 27 club and 17 it's that normally I am an oatmeal for breakfast pretty much every single day kind of person but I feel like lately I've just been enjoying having some eggs and things to break it up a little bit I'm talking about how lazy I am ordering breakfast I'm gonna eat this then I'm gonna head to the gym and when

I come back I'm like a post-training meal and we can chat properly then Oh a little bit I like walked away I'd be making these raps Lily's just a toasted rap chick embarrassed black beans lettuce salsa cheese and whole grain rice wears a coat out of it um this is my sixth week going into a calorie deficit and as you guys know like I do track weight but I don't feel like it is the most accurate measure like this so many things which can change your weight if you don't know what some of them are it could be measuring in a different time of day wearing a different outfit when you measure food that's in your GI tract what your fiber was like yesterday what your salt was at yesterday what your water was at yesterday whether you do a heavy training session in a few days previous there's just so many things so

I feel like there's nerve reason to get caught up on weight but I find it useful just for tracking because what I do is I weigh and then I take like a weekly average and I use that average more as my method for seeing where I'm at regardless of whether I'm going up or down I just like to have the averages there it's a lot more useful to go off like how you're looking but that can be subjective so sitting at 1,800 calories that has not moved since I showed you guys my spreadsheet in the last article that I did Hadi are still nil other than just like walking to and from places when I need to so adding up that low intensity cardio it works out to be like three to four hours a week roughly and that would be just like you know welcome to the hair salon or like walking Luca to the groomers or walking to go and pick up some groceries or whatever it might be like no intentional cardio and no high intensity cardio you know in terms of progress that accidentally dropped three kilos in the first week or about three pillars which is too fast since then

I have been able to steady it out which is good but I find my body does that I get enormous progress straight with whatever I'm doing like gaining weight losing weight whatever I feel like I'm quite adaptable I'll have an initial burst and then it'll slow down so now with my training I haven't changed it up too much I'm still doing the same split I'm still aiming for the same representing for the same weight I want to keep pushing heavy I don't want to just back off on the way and completely change my training I'm gonna finish this I don't catch up with you guys my next meal so we have some house inspections to go to this afternoon I feel like we've been going to these come gently annoying is it it isn't it like because I feel like it's no trick photography like which are try to place yesterday and in the photos it looked so wide in the lantern we walked in and the lounge room is like as wide as your shoulders that old leg you just like left so angry where she call it a rabbit warren yes it was a rabbit warren yeah it's been so frustrating like trying to look for what's the camera on this thing

I'm filming on my phone so frustrating trying to look for a new place I feel like it's such an annoying process maybe I'm just picky I don't know but I feel like a lot of the place that we're being seen we go in and there's like no natural light or they're just really really small got my yogurt snack cause neck actually I had a Cobb because we had so many inspections to go to yes we did but anyway all those probably girls probably do got my tongue so I'm just eating this cuz I'm G for another meal now and I was meant to have like and schedule we have a protein shake at some point today but I just don't want it yet nutritious biggest fan I'm just way personally but it's such an easy way to like get it the meal is better but hey yeah we've just open a music shop as well tell them what the thing is you need to buy I really don't want to spend not sure if you can hear the guitar and stuff but the boys of songwriting down says sure having another little meal um protein shake and some macadamias I mean yes I could have made a whole meal out of this to hit these calories want something that's light and sort of be easy to eat and not too heavy so that's why

I'm going for this found as well like I get a lot of people asking about macros and that sort of thing and I feel like yes there are general guidelines that you can go off and I cover that in my get lean nutrition guide but I feel like really it's up to what works for you personally I feel full and content most of the day like I go to bed probably a teensy bit hungry but I'm not like oh my god I need to eat at the end of the day you shouldn't be starving like yes hunger will be a part of the game and you'll feel a little bit hungry but you shouldn't be like dying feel like this is not the best angle for me oh well yes so the protein powder that I am using is iso100 it's a hydrolyzed whey the way it's manufactured it sort of turns the protein into peptides which are a lot easier for your body to absorb and it's a lot quicker absorbing is what sir I normally just have the vanilla flavor but I do also have this cinnamon flavour in the cupboard because sometime in the next couple of days I'm gonna attempt to make like a vice putting style recipe like it's getting a little bit cold yeah so

I prepped some turkey vertices this is different from the recipe I usually make the recipe that I usually make up these has more whole eggs in it but I was like I want a version that's a little bit lower calorie just so I can like fit them into awkward places like today 500 grams of turkey breast mints 50 grams which is about 2 ounces of breadcrumbs some brown onion just how much you like will do and then I took 33 milliliters or about just over an ounce of egg white so each one's about 100 calories and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna chocolates with a bunch of vegetables just cuz I when I planned this out this morning I didn't realize I had packed all my vegetables like in my last meal and I like to have you know sometimes about the day I'll have like tuna and salad or you know just something like that but I definitely hit my fiber today all up I'm at 30 grams of fiber today which is sick there is my little lazy dinner with with a bunch of veggies on it Oh so yes am I pretty super simple and if you haven't seen it already I do have a food Instagram page I post like test recipes and new things on there so if you're often meal ideas come and check it out

I'm personal there pretty frequently are post recipes and more general live stuff on my regular Instagram as well which is outrage loss it means such a chatterbox today I don't know what it is but then we go anyway I'll catch up with you guys in my next article sir I hope to see you next time bye.



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